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Crushes and love

Updated on February 6, 2015


Well, where do you start, this is like a diary or journal entry I guess. Let's define crush for a minute here. I always used to think a crush was someone you will never have, but want. Total bummer for me I take it.It was always the hottest guy there, but I was never good enough.

Getting what you want

Follow him or be hidden? Should I say hi or act like they don't exist? Ahh, I have no idea what to do to make them like me. I remember that well. Almost every guy I have dated has been just a crush not the love of my life. Oh, he is just the hottest guy in school and I don't even like him. Wow, how old am I now (eighteen). Anyways, Crushes are things that I am getting better with, but even at thirty still learning about. Some people never get it, hope I do. Something I am good at knowing is when someone truly cares and loves me.


One True Love

Finding and getting what you want, your crush, is finding someone that doesn't make you feel better. They just simply care and help your day move along. Love is like the way you and your best friend are but it's a relationship (usually) with the opposite sex. They are your best friend and you can't ever let go. Love is a 50 year plus marriage of pure hatred. Not a blissful cloud nine dream world. That is only when the day is rough. It's a normal life with the one your crushing on.


True love

What do you believe true love is?

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    • Juliet Faith profile image

      Mary Lowrance 3 years ago from USA

      Hopefully these hubs are learning, helpful, and interesting. Thanks