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Customer relationship and marketing of entertainment, a crossroads

Updated on May 1, 2016

These last two months, there were a few articles around customer relationship and marketing activities and recreation. In March, coincidence, the management of the customer relationship (CRM) and marketing activities were subject to two meetings for the network of institutions of tourism in our aquitanian-limousines-picto-charentaises. You can find free online all presentations associated (RCMP - data, governance and strategy and sales visits and recreational activities) but I propose here to make a comeback on examples and reflections that have animated the deliberations of these two separate days but whose paths crossed in many ways.

Strategies to reconnect to the other

The sale of recreational activities, ticketing, visits favoured two slots: additional sales, last minute.

These sales take place a few days and hours before the stay and during the stay. These include the time conducive to a client very active relationship to accompany the customer experience.

To start, I therefore invite you to browse (or follow) the proposed submission to travel in Multimedia at a workshop on the sale of recreational activities (February 2016). There is the analysis in terms of online sales of the coast of azure Card _concept a city-card but deployed on the scale of a tourist destination. 60% of the cards are sold in 7 days before their use including 8 per cent the same day.

City-Card French Riviera

In terms of actions, we see all the interest to accompany still professionals including here the hosts for the optimization of famous J - 5 reminder mails / J-3 before the stay. It is also the communication of this offer on all the tools of the internet stay or when customer relationship during the stay that will optimize sales.

On the concept of customer relationship during the stay, I propose to make a hook by the project management of the Client relationship of Alsace that Paul Fabing presented us with in visio (review here). This project also follows from the attractivation that he defended the week last in the blog. RCMP Alsace is a collective project matured for 6 months where the concept of governance has been a prior reflection and a founding pillar before a any search tools.

RCMP Alsace

Behind the brand common Alsace, it is regionally (AAA, ADT, network OT) that handles the front and after stay in customer relationship. Tourist offices handle them customer relationship during the stay to drive better customer experience. Home, Promotion, customer loyalty, customer relationship, connected and human proximity, collection and characterization of customer data: to each its missions to each his expertise but in a common project.

Providers, through the missions of animation of tourist offices, can also benefit from the shared tool and participate in the enrichment of the shared client file.

The marketing of the Côte d'Azur, the RCMP of Alsatians strategy-driven activities should be not too bad.

Also pick up the pieces of the related actions for integral strategies.

Whether it's a client relationship management project or a project of commercialization activities, the two subjects are not new. However we feel that they concerned well most destination managers in recent months (last year). These themes then confront existing actions and should they find their place.

We leave now in Gironde with the example of the office of tourism of Lege Cap-Ferret on the Arcachon basin. Like other tourist destination offices, it relies on the reputation of the "Bassin d'Arcachon" and shared signature of #vraiesvacances. With this customer promise, the customer relationship strategy naturally built around this notion.

A refurbished venue, a digital oasis on the outside with seats, internet connection and power, media and editorial tailored online content and also territorial wifi of the destination partly characterized this approach. I dwell on the territorial wifi because it is a related action launched in 2009-2010 that is now fully integrated with the RCMP strategy.

The user benefiting from this service leaves coordinates and agrees to receive information. The destination URL leads it to content adapted valuing the must-see destination and conducive to stay internet media. Tomorrow, this user may be directed to guided tours and activities marketed online.

Furthermore, this collection of data by the territorial wifi is only the first step in the scenario since the user then receives a mail in J +


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