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50 Cute Questions That You Have to Ask Your Partner

Updated on March 21, 2018

Not everyone knows what things should be asked to your partner especially when you are new to the world of dating or relationships. There are millions of questions that one can ask your partner, be it romantic, cute, flirty, etc. Here, I have, a few of those questions that one can ask their partners or can start a topic with. Most of them being common, they are also cute when you ask them:

  1. Will you still love me like this even when I get old and wrinkled?
  2. When did you realize you are falling for me?
  3. why do you love me?
  4. If I move far away, what do you think would happen to us?
  5. What is the best thing you find in me?
  6. Which song comes first in your mind when you think of me?
  7. Would you cook for me?
  8. If I tell you your smile is the prettiest thing I have seen till date, would you change anything from me to bring that smile on your face?
  9. Would you take me shopping if I am mad at you?
  10. Would you kiss me on my forehead every day before leaving the house and after coming back?
  11. Would you say "I LOVE YOU" every day to me?
  12. Would you love me the same with scars on me?
  13. Would you pamper me like your baby?
  14. Would you still compliment me on my ugliest of days?
  15. Would you sing me to sleep?
  16. Would you let me flirt with you every time as if it is our first date?
  17. Would you hold me tight whenever I am scared to watch horror movies with me?
  18. What is the craziest thing you would do for me?
  19. What sets me apart from everyone else for you?
  20. How would you describe me to your family?
  21. Would you write poems for me?
  22. Would you bring random surprises for me?
  23. Should we get matching tattoos?
  24. Would you clean the house for me if I am at work?
  25. Would you like to have pillow fights with me?
  26. Would you play with me in a mud pool during the rain?
  27. Would you do stupid things to cheer me up when I am sad?
  28. Would you stand against the world for me?
  29. If you were asked to give me a pet name, what would it be?
  30. Would you watch cartoon shows with me?
  31. Would you get my favorite food and make me happy when I am angry or upset?
  32. Will your shoulders be always available for me to cry as much as I want to?
  33. Would you watch boring plays with me only if I want to?
  34. Would you wait for me until I am all ready and satisfied with myself on a dinner date even if we are getting too late?
  35. Would you bring me a cup of coffee if I am having a hectic day schedule loaded with assignments or tasks even on a day-off?
  36. Would you wake up and take me to walks even in the middle of the night when you are half asleep?
  37. Would you be up all night long beside me when I am unwell just to keep a check whether I am fine or not or if I need something?
  38. Would you do something which you don't like doing if it makes me happy?
  39. Would you let me drive your car even when you know that I didn't know how to drive properly?
  40. Would you drink wine with me when I know you don't like the taste of it at all but is my favorite?
  41. Would you listen to me for hours till late in the night after having a busy day and when you are tired and sleepy?
  42. Would you listen to my snores when you really want to sleep and you can't?
  43. Would you understand me during my bad phases of life when I am all frustrated and irritated with everything and help me move out of it?
  44. Would you make me breakfast if I am running late for work and have not prepared anything?
  45. Would you lend me your spectacles which looks ugly on me just to take pictures of us because I want to?
  46. How much would you miss me when I am far away from you for a few days?
  47. I am going to the grocery store, but I found a pet shop, do you want a puppy?
  48. What would our forever look like?
  49. Would you sing with me even if you knew that I am just too bad at singing?
  50. Would you dance with me on our wedding day?

Most of the questions might be familiar but they would definitely sound cute when you ask them. Most of them have also been taken from personal experiences and has been wonderful to know your partner's answers to these. Ask them to know what your partner has in store for you?

© 2018 William MarkStone


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