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Cyber Boyfriend, with a side of fries and success please.

Updated on November 4, 2015

In my 20's.

In 2015, being a hard working ambitious 20 something year old is well, a bad deal if you ask me. We don't get the best care from our parents as far as being children, and we aren't already established by being over thirty. Not to mention the changes that came from 2008, yes it's safe to say that our group has been through a lot of social and economic change in just one generation it's as if a twilight of history has been splattered on our time cards as we go through this life time. Now with all this change, whether or not we would like to admit it things are not how they were when we were children or in high school better yet our first year of college for that matter and life is not well as safe or secure as we would like to feel anymore. Now whether that be, from something that's actually happened to us just a fear it's hard meeting people in our 20's. An option that has been provided for us has been to take to the cyber world.

Independence please.

Some of you are probably like me and cringe of the idea of a man coming into your life and controlling every aspect of what goes on in the day to day that happens in what you do. Some of us have sworn off sex just to make sure they don't become pregnant, and plus dealing with the drama of monthly emotions isn't worth the cost. The thought of having an online boyfriend is so much nicer, if you have a busy life and you want that independence for a man and a female. Now I'm saying use your judgement and talk to someone that you like. Nobody said you have to be traditional and do everything old fashioned, you do what works for you. For a growing human it's just not worth hearing another person controlling your decisions at least on a cyber relationship, you have the companionship without the many restraints of a physical relationship. In this day in age it seems to be growing in popularity and it almost the norm or the innovation in leading for pop culture trend in our youth. I can't help myself, but I just can't help but cringe when I see a couple in real life I think don't you two have lives? All in good fun of course, as this subculture emerges it's quite interesting to see how far this takes off.

What's not to love?

Oh wait, well there is a down side but I promise it's not that bad of a downside. In this subculture it's just like finding a significant other in real life. There's millions of fish out there but for some reason you can only be limited to the ones that mesh with you. I mean you can't have everyone, but then again I'm not here to discourage you reach for the stars. There are those fears in the back of your mind of is this person a catfish? Well I have some advice for that, and that would be don't give them everything you have emotionally in your conversations and be reserved and get your work done. If they can't take advantage of you they can't take advantage of you. That's easier said than done though, we just hate to admit when we fall in love with a perfect stranger. Then the next problem is, what do we do when someone asks if we're in a relationship? I think the standards for what should be acceptable to ask has been changed in modern history since the current lifestyle has been changed to such a degree. It's not so simple to say I have a boyfriend sometimes it's simply none of your business enjoy my time and take it at that but my personal life does not concern you. So what I'm trying to say is that as we're still changing the world and many changes are yet to come and as though it seems as if the sky is falling we will always have our heads on our shoulders, hopefully. Whether that be trying something new and falling for a perfect stranger or keeping it old fashioned and going the traditional route, there are so many new innovative ways to produce a quality dating life as we go through the roaring 20's. It's as though we all live our own fantasy life and choose those we want to live that with us and the ones involved can be our friends. Yes, it's safe to say that in this economy things are looking up because we are dreaming and imagining as long as we believe there is hope for the future.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      I think it's important for young women in their 20s to realize guys their own age aren't looking to settle down for the most part. They're in no hurry to become their parents! ( Get married, sign a 30 year mortgage, and have children). Most guys in their 20s still want to play video games, watch sports, party with friends, and get laid.)

      They view their 20s as time to explore and have adventures while establishing a career. Any woman in her 20s who is looking to have a "serious relationship" will probably do better to date guys in their early 30s who have already gone through that party phase.

      Online dating sites are just another tool for meeting new people. The mistakes a lot of folks make is they don't have a "mate selection process". If you were applying for a job a company generally has a "screening process" not everyone who emails a resume receives a call, not everyone who has a phone interview gets a face to face interview, and not everyone who gets a face to face interview is called back for the second or third interview, and even with that not everyone who gets a third interview gets the job!

      Other mistakes people make are not researching sites before choosing one. Avoid the "free sites"!

      I wrote about this awhile back in one of my hubs. "6 Common Mistakes Women Make With Online Dating"

      Another option is which is a site for various hobby groups that meet once a month. You can get to know someone gradually.