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Updated on August 4, 2017

I love Leo's Male and Female

 Leo's are a fire sign and distinctive because of their thick beautiful hair. I have had best friends, female Leo's and male friends and boyfriends that were Leo's. Leo the lion, and you can hear them roar, if you listen.

Sagittarius and Leo's actually get along quite well. I was thinking about my Leo love the other day, it was on July 31st to be exact. That date will always stay with me forever. Joe, my Leo was at my house one day, and circled that day on my calendar, and told me never to forget the date of July 31st. Joe was my business partner and we grew to be very good friends, even though Joe dreamed of much more.

Joe was the only person that I have ever known that could make me snap out of a bad mood in an instant, fill my life with such happiness and joy, and be the best friend I ever had. He had a sense of humor that was mystical and soothing and funny. I lost my friend when he died of a sudden heart attack, yet I know he is always close by. I bought a house in July of 2003, the closing date was July 31st. The lender told me that it was the only date they could close the house. I know he is close, I miss his voice, his telephone calls, his Leo determination.

My best girlfriend, A Leo. She had the cutest figure, the longest, thickest, dark hair. Lucy was and always will be a beauty. There is a strange trait that Leo's have, it is always brushing their teeth, they have to keep brushing all the time. If you want to have a blast of a time, you will need a Leo. My best friend Lucy passed away from cancer. I will always miss our weekend trips, we would take the kids to the dude ranch, we would have weekends of relaxation and cooking. We would travel and go dancing, Lucy loved to dance and eat.

My mother is a Leo, my brother is a Leo. They both brush their teeth all the time. They are both strong in their convictions, fun and happy people.

Leo's can be trusted, they say what they mean, and do what they say. They have very big hearts, and I just love being around them. It is a sure bet that a Leo will win your heart and know how to do it!

Perhaps another Leo someday.



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