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Updated on August 6, 2011

The Unspoken Words 41 years too late

First, I would advise any 16 year old young girl, not to run away from home, as I did in the 70's. I thought I knew it all, my parents were wrong, but the truth is my parents were right. The many years that followed changed my life forever, the scars run very deep within my soul.

My buried previous memories came flowing without notice when I was told recently that my boyfriend's niece, who just turned 17, moved out of her parents house to live with her new 20 year old boyfriend, they are in love . He is a VIRGO!

This young lady reminded me of myself, at that age. She is independent, strong, yet also vulnerable and weak. She was handpicked because she can be manipulated with words of love.


Perhaps it is about time that bad mental baggage is thrown out with the rest of the trash. I have read many comments to my first article Dating Virgo Men, I have had about 20,000 hits, some of the comments usually from Virgo males are saying that I have some sort of problem. I deleted most of the hate comments, however it leads me to believe that I was so right describing their personality.

I could not tell what they did!

The 1970's was a era where people did not air their dirty laundry. Unlike today with all the reality shows, we were brought up not to speak. When I was about 13 years old and I was walking to a girlfriends house, a old Chevy car came slowly down the street. The car stopped and a good looking man wanted me to come to the car, he asked for directions. I went near to the car and immediately saw that he was stark naked and playing with his penis. Did I tell, No! I ran away and kept running, if I was to tell, I would never be allowed outside again, I thought.

I was walking to the local mall, I was probably around 14 years old, when a young man came from out of no where and grabbed me. He lived in a room in a restaurant, and dragged me into the room. He started pulling at my clothes, and trying to rape me, and I got away. I ran away and kept running and never told.


In the old days when a teenager gets pregnant, marriage is the answer. My first husband at the age of 17, was from a welfare family. I never knew what a welfare family was, but I sure found out. He was a Virgo, and very controlling. I would say that he was more a verbal abuser and a semi physical abuser. I remember that his family all fought with each other, and their wrath was usually targeted at your belongings, your car, yourself and filling your life with fear.

To this day I will never talk to or see this person, and he has tried, why I have no idea. This really great Virgo attacked me while I was 8 months pregnant. I was walking with his son, while pregnant going to the ice cream store, and he and his sister appeared and they both attacked me and punched me in the stomach.

Thank God for construction workers, who heard my screams and came to my rescue. I can only remember the attack and nothing that happened after that day. I know that this man could never keep a job, would verbally abuse me, and physically hurt me.

When my family and I reconciled our differences, I divorced him, and have never seen him since.

Lesson not learned

Did I know in the 70's about Male Virgo's and their patterns of abuse, the answer was no. I met Virgo # 2 working at my families business. He would just show up, and hang around until I finished work. My mother told me to stay away from him, she was right. I did not listen.

Looking back now, I realize that even though we would drive past his parents house, which he did on purpose he never once mentioned his parents. I saw that he had no friends and was a loner. He had a very good job and I thought he was normal.

I remember that he pushed for us to live together, for me to sell my car, as we did not need 2 cars and 2 insurance payments. I did not need to work because he wanted me to stay home. I became pregnant, and I also remember that he changed one of the doors on a closet to make a locked entry for himself.

He had control of all the money, his word was the law, and he wanted to be served.Dinner had to be cooked at a certian time, the foods made where what he had told you the day before. I had to bake several homemade pies a day. One year for Thanksgiving he made me stay up all night to baste a turkey. The next day he thought it so funny that I did not have to be beaten.

Cooking his over easy eggs was very dangerous. No yolk could be broken, if it was broken and runny, the plates were thrown to the floor, I was thrown to the floor and beaten by him. I had to beg to him on 2 knees if I wanted money for cigarettes, or for food shopping.

His anger would escalate, and sometimes he would cry and sob and say he was sorry, and other times he did not care. I knew that I was in trouble and I knew that I needed help to get away from him. In 1975 he had moved me from my family and any friends i had left to a different state, and he wanted nothing to do with his own son. His son had been born handicapped and he could not face the reality that the child could come from him, who was so perfect.

My parents had actually pushed marriage to him, when I was pregnant, and they did not know about his early abuse. I married him, and after that date, his abuse became worse. He would walk into a room and clear everything onto the floor, broken glass, dishes, cuos, then attack me and throw me in the broken glass on the floor.

When he started to wear the military uniform in the apartment, and patrol with a rifle, I knew he had really snapped. He had never been in the military, yes he was like his father, who was also abusive to his sons, but not to his daughters. I endured the beatings, the abuse, his having affairs, I was afraid of him and he had all the control until the day he started pointed the guns at me. I felt that I would be better off if he killed me, to escape his wrath, walking on egg shells all the time.

I was amazed what followed after I gained my control. He began to loose his foothold on me. I began to fight back, I had him arrested for one of his attacks, and I found out that he had another girl friend who he met at his second job.

One day after I came home from shopping, he was gone, all the furniture was gone, the carpets were gone, and I was happy.

The Healing Begins

I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel, a neighbor of mine helped me to get a job, and to put my life back together. It was from that day that I knew that Virgo Men were masters of disguise and manipulation. I vowed never to bother with a Virgo man again.

Many years later as I compiled facts and information about others relationships with Virgo men, they all had the same traits. I could not dismiss the facts, I already lived the facts, and I know it to be the truth.

I was a loving human being, that lived with 2 devils, hiding inside a male VIRGO! Other VIRGO'S since then have tried to attach to me, it is not allowed. The harm that was done can never be healed.

So ladies, especially the Sag lady, beware of the charming male VIRGO, stay away!


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