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Updated on February 17, 2011

Dealing with difficult and uncompromising people could be very tiresome and really frustrating: especially if you find yourself in a position that if care is not taken, you could easily loose your sanity.

It is really unfortunate that some very difficult people will want to take advantage of your being nice and amiable to pick on you at the slightest opportunity, and coping with this kind of people might be very difficult, people whose stock in trade is to create difficult scenarios, especially if they know that you have little or no choice looking at the prevailing situation at that point in time. This kind of people exists every where: in the homes, neighborhood, family both nuclear and extended and most importantly the office or job scene.

Now will you wait for these nitwits to make you bunkers before you decide on what to do? Don’t you think it is high time you make them realize that you are “no pawn in the hands of the chess player”, they can be toying with? This is the time to assert your self and deal with these very difficult people, the following will help you achieve this in style

problems. Don’t wait for anger, frustrations and resentment to build up, if someone upsets

you, do something about it immediately.

- Don’t complain about how much someone is annoying you without first giving the person a chance to put matters right, maybe the person could be undergoing some emotional or physical

related stress, and the only person he can spill his guts on is you; not like the person
deserves to use you, but then it might not be the persons fault. Show maturity by getting to
the root of the matter of why such a person’s behavior is that nasty and see how you could
be of help to this person: you might never know you could be the agony aunt he’s been
waiting for.

- Avoid public confrontation:

this is unnecessary as it gives you out in bad light; and
beclouds the judgment of others as regards your personality, especially if it is you who
initiated this confrontation, remember difficult people always capitalize on embarrassing
situations like this to get their kick and exonerate themselves of any blame or wrong doing;
making you the”bad guy” in the scenario, while in real sense the bad guy is him; so don’t
help this person by starting something like a brawl, rather contain any situation that
might end in a shouting match or even fisticuffs. Difficult people need more care in handling with; and could be very irrational and fragile (breaks easily) Your ability to deal with them (difficult people), keeps you in good stead, and saves you the trouble of emotional and in some cases bodily harm.

- Avoid sounding accusatory:

when dealing with difficult people you need to be more
diplomatic, avoid unnecessary theatrics as this is not what you need at this moment. Using
accusatory phrases like “why did you do it…” “Who the hell do you think you are?” “Who gave
you the effrontery to…?” these are unnecessary out bursts that should be greatly avoided;
simply state what the problem is and why it concerns you. Explain how you think relations
might be improved: be receptive to alternative solutions.

-Communicating With Difficult People: Learn communicating with this type of people. Though there are many types of difficult people; but your ability to communicate this people could go a long way in reducing unnecessary tensions and confrontations that could arise. Learn to use resources like eBooks, magazines and asking the pros who are adepts in handling difficult situations and people.

- Finally, you have to be more assertive to earn the respect of this person, difficult
people could be very easy to deal with when you arm your self with the right amour, you can
do this by reading books and taking courses on handling difficult and stubborn people and
situations, but in the long run be your self, take new challenges as they come as the only
obstacle in reaching for the stars is not the difficult people we have to deal with every
day, but you, have a clue!!!


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    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 9 years ago

      making people realze you are not that simple to be toyed with, gives you more prestige and high self esteem.

      This was made possible when I put this tips I highlighted here in practice,

      I really hope it makes your experience with people, especially the difficult ones woth the while

      All the best

    • sukkran profile image

      Mohideen Basha 9 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.


      good article and useful information,