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Selection Of Male Female Relationship

Updated on November 14, 2014

---Problems Between Male And Female And Solution------

we think that every one want that their life partner may be the best as compare to any other. we do not think that why we will get the best partner. but that will be according to out talent and worth. if we are so talented at what age near by 20 years old we can get our life partner at the early age. but if we are not talented at the early age then we have to wait till we become so talented that we can get the partner of almost same interest and thinking. otherwise we have to compromise to get our life partner in the early also depend on the families where we have taken the birth. prestigious and rich families male /female can better life partner in the early age and if any problem rises that can solved by the influences and with the consultations.many time any partner if he is not so talented they can put their hard work to become talented as they may have less talent at the time of marriage.those who are not having the opportunity to born in a big families have to wait and make a place to get a suitable life partners.many times male/female get interested with each others and thing if any one is not so talented will become that much talented with the passage of time and decided to become a life partners we think and read that the main dominating factor in women is their beauty and they looks most beautiful as they are beautiful, at the age of around 25. so we think that their marriage age of 25 years. but the domination factor in men are their much they are good and right that much they deserve to get the beautiful and nice female. the age that a male become and understand what is right or wrong and become stable to their thoughts is around 50 years age, the best age of male to get a life partner of his choice. if at this time interval if they become the life partners is the best age. we think at the age of 25 years old for female and nearby 50 years old for male, the best age of marriage where both, at the peaks of the personality and at this age if they get married they may get most enjoyment happiness and pleasures of life may open the doors of prosperity of life. if they do not marry they may not get that much partner of life may not get the things as they can get it may look UN-natural but as we think that it is the best option that can last with less problems.we will try to tell what we think right and what are the other benefits to marry at the age of 25 years old for female and nearby 50 years old for male in the other article.

To Marry- The Main Issue Should Be The Nature And Thoughts--

we think that most of the male want their life partner to see the beauty of female and the female wants that his partner should have a dominate personality. we think that after marriage other things can automatically be adjusted when they get marry and started our married life living with each others. the remaining things may get adjusted by the family members relatives and friends. but after marriage these things do not give help to close each other but become a instruments to create their gap of their nature and thinking differences to make more wider. why they try themselves to depend on others but others do not know to whom they support and help or what to say who is right and what to do. in this way a wrong wall of misunderstanding created between them and it is natural. if any one is wrong and their sympathizer tell him wrong they shall know that they are helping him to solve their problems and they do not think them their friends and well wishers or try to think that they are not helping as if any one wants some ones help.when the problems start they can never have an end. some one says that no one should interfere in the homely affairs but how to sort our the things to improvement in future life may not meet. if they before marriage try to see the nature and way of thinking of each one or they itself try to give preference in this matter nothing can come out after marriage and they do not need of any help so that they can stay happy to get the peaceful and prosper life without any problem and interference of any one and plan their life in a better and natural way and get the pleasures of life.


Difficult Selection Of Relations Between Male And Female

Difficult Selection Of Relations Between Male And Female
Problems Between Male And Female And Solution
Main Issue Should Be Nature And Thoughts

--- Very Beautiful Females As We Think---

Play Of Cats-Cats Things White Things As Milk

Play Of Cats

--We Can Change Our Habits And Nature--

life is a struggle and our achievement depends on our struggle how much we put in our life. struggle only means that we can come to know the deep reasons of the things that is what to do or not to do and where we should give more or less importance. to get a right partner of life is also a struggle.but mostly life partners we can get is depend on according to our talent and knowledge in spite of that the decision has taken in the early years of is a combine efforts of individuals and the family if the family has more importance in the society and the individuals has not that much worth as compare to whom they will get married then it will create problems in their life. as it is in many cases they do not try to see to compare their thoughts and nature,way of thinking and their likings.the best way to tackle these problems for both male and female is to talk and conversations with a very polite manner and try to understand each other.try to think and see that where any one is right and better than the partner should try to adopt the things. their mutual understanding will decide the better way will create a situation after few years that all their liking and interest start coming in the say way. we think that our interest and way of thinking may change if we try to think others point of view and when we think it is better our mind automatically adopt that way of thinking. but problem only that we do not think that the other way may right and try to stick on our point and way of thinking already decided that it is the best.we think that we should think that others may have better point of view.consider every think and decide about the better thing.we think that every one get a better nature if they think other point of view and adopt the better things.we think that every habit and nature can be changed with proper efforts and to adopt right logic's..


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    • ravinderkumarshar profile imageAUTHOR

      ravinder kumar sharma 

      4 years ago from india

      in their own interest to get marry /life partner of the same nature and thinking.

    • ravinderkumarshar profile imageAUTHOR

      ravinder kumar sharma 

      4 years ago from india

      this issue may be most important as the whole life depends on this decision.

    • ravinderkumarshar profile imageAUTHOR

      ravinder kumar sharma 

      4 years ago from india

      we have to search a natural way to solve the problems of male and female


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