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DIY Personalized Wedding Invitation Christmas Ornament

Updated on December 23, 2012
Here's my personalized wedding invitation ornament!
Here's my personalized wedding invitation ornament!

Wedding Invitation Ornament

I absolutely love this idea! This special and meaningful Christmas ornament will remind you of your big day each year as you decorate your Christmas tree. It also makes a beautiful family keepsake that can be passed down to generations to follow. This DIY project is so simple and affordable, anyone can do it! You could also use other important invitations, such as baby shower invites, bridal showers, birth announcements, and so on.

The ornament pictured at the right is my personal wedding ornament. I added some dried rose petals from my wedding bouquet as well as some acrylic diamonds that were sprinkled on my cake table at my wedding. The ribbon I used was also left over from my wedding favors.

Gather Your Supplies...

This is a very easy craft project, so you just need a few supplies. Here's what you will need:

  • Clear ornament (glass or plastic)
  • Scissors
  • A Pen (for curling the strips of paper)
  • Wedding invitation (or other special invitation)
  • Ribbon (any design you choose)
  • Glitter or other decorative elements (optional)

The only thing that I had a hard time finding was the clear ornament. I originally wanted a clear glass ornament, but I couldn't find any at local stores. I could have gone an hour out of my way to check out Hobby Lobby or Michael's, but I decided to use the clear plastic ornament that I found at my local Walmart. The plastic ornament was only .97 cents, so it was a steal! If you check your local Walmart for these plastic ornaments look in the holiday section, they are sold individually and I found them in a big bin.


Let's Get Started!

Now that you have all your supplies, you're ready to go.

  • Start by cutting your invitation into thin strips (see picture above).
  • If you choose to add any glitter or decorative elements into your ornament, go ahead and put them into the ornament now.
  • Twirl the strips of your invitation around the pen, hold for a few seconds, and then let go. This method will work for most types of paper. If this method does not work, try using the scissor method (like you would with a gift ribbon).
  • Once you have curled all of your strips, start putting them into the ornament. You should have no problem fitting them into the top opening of the ornament.
  • Take your ribbon and tie a loop around the top of the ornament to hang from the tree. You can also add ribbon as a decorative element if you choose.
  • If you added glitter give your ornament a gentle shake to disperse the glitter throughout the ornament and invitation pieces.

A Few Tips and Ideas:

If you have plain white invitations try adding some strips of paper that match your wedding theme colors. This will add more character to your ornament!

You can also add colored ribbon to the inside of the ornament (curl it using the scissor method just like you would a gift ribbon).

If you add glitter try finding glitter colors that match your wedding theme colors!

Don't have any left over wedding invitations? No problem! Another cute idea is to simply type up your wedding vows and use those for your ornament, or even the lyrics to your wedding song. Get creative, the possibilities are endless!


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    • alisharenee profile image

      alisharenee 4 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

      Thanks for the great comments! That's what I love about this idea, it's versatile and you can make a special ornament for any occasion. One day I'm sure I'll have a tree full of these personalized ornaments for all the special events in life. :-)

    • TesstheScribbler profile image

      Tess Deleon 4 years ago from At Home

      adorable! Great idea!

    • purl3agony profile image

      Donna Herron 4 years ago from USA

      Wow! This is a great idea and makes a beautiful ornament! This idea could also be used for a baby keepsake by using a birth announcement, or a graduation gift using a graduate announcement or a copy of a diploma. Love this!!