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Date Like a Girl, Marry Like a Woman by Jessica R Bunevacz

Updated on June 16, 2016


I was sent a free copy of Date Like a Girl, Marry Like a Woman by Jessica R Bunevacz for only my honest and unbiased review of Date Like a Girl, Marry Like a Woman by Jessica R Bunevacz.


Date like a girl, Marry like a Woman is broken into two parts: part one how to date and part two how to marry. This is very much how to get your guy and how to keep him type organization. I liked the fact that the author separated the book into two sections as it keeps the book from becoming too confusing. I also liked that this is not just a rule book, but it also has the author's own experiences mixed in. I enjoyed the fact that the author did not always follow her own rules; it was interesting to read what came out of it. I really liked how in the first section of how to date like a girl the author broke down the main times of men that there are: Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Shady, Mr. Superhero, and so on. I never really thought about the different types of men and I found this section to be interesting.I have to say that I enjoyed the first part on dating much more than I did the second part on marriage. I found many of the rule to be enlightening and helpful to those new to dating as well as those that are experienced with dating. I liked how the author broke everything down and included disclaimers when needed. Many of the rules came with a story form when the author either used or broke her own rule and the result that came from it. I found the part on marriage to be a little sexist at times. I did not like the rule about how a woman should be having sex with her husband and the lack of that could cause him to stray. I felt like the book was telling women that they should not say no. However later the author spoke about how husband and wife are a team and that made me feel somewhat better. I was provided with a free copy of Date like a girl, Marry like a Woman in exchange for only my honest and unbiased review of Date like a girl, Marry like a Woman.

Interview with Author

What made you decide to become an author?

A : It was because of my close friends and some women that I have helped with their marriages and relationships. They were the ones that persuaded me to write something about how I advice and my rules.

After I moved to the United States I met a lot of women who seemed to have problems with men and their marriages, there are women like this everywhere but for the first time I found myself giving advice on a more regular basis. I realized that if I wrote a book about my life experiences that it might be possible for other women to apply what I'd learned in their relationships.

What made you decide to write a book on the topic of love, romance, and sex?

A: I've always loved talking about relationships and sex. And I've had so much experience of my own that I knew I'd be able to advise women about relationships in a way that's different from what's already out there.

How did you feel about writing this book, was it difficult or awkward?

A: I actually had fun for the most part except for when I was writing about some of my past. It wasn't awkward at all since it covers topics I talk about it all the time with women.

What do you want your readers to walk away feeling after reading your book?

A: I want readers to feel Inspired. For women who are single I want them to enjoy dating. For women who are married I want them to get the most out of their relationships with their husbands.

Did anyone help you write this book?

A: Yes a very good writer/editor helped me through the whole process she corrected and edited every page and chapter of my writing. English is my second language, even if I can perfectly speak English I knew I still needed help.

Do you wish you could have had a book life this in your life?

A: Yes, of course especially when I first got married.

Do you think this book will help girls and women find love?

A: Yes I believe so, especially this generation, men and women just don’t know how to start a relationship or how to sustain a relationship. I want women to know that it's okay to have fun, and to not have everything immediately figured out. I also want them to understand that they have to love themselves, and feel empowered first.

What was the hardest part of this book for you to write?

A: Digging into my past was pretty difficult. It’s hard to go back to your past sometimes, especially when you have to reopen doors you've closed.

What was the easiest part of this book for you to write?

A: The rules themselves were the easiest part.

Is this book based off your own experiences only?

A: The book is about 95% my experiences, and 5% things that other women told me or that I've noticed in relationships around me and have offered my advice on.

What made you feel like you were qualified to write a book on love (experience, research, career knowledge, etc.)

A: I've always been the one my friends come to when they have problems with their relationships. Women are just comfortable talking to me and I am not the kind of person that will lie to your face and tell you, you look good if you don't, or that you’re doing great even if you’re not. I'm not afraid to say what's on my mind even if it isn't popular, and I think that's especially important when you're dealing with relationships. .


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    • misty103 profile image

      misty103 20 months ago

      Thank you for your wonderful comments. I do disagree with some of them, but everyone is different.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 20 months ago

      FYI - If you're interested you can find information regarding my book:

      My Cat Won't Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany)

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 20 months ago

      Personally the best I believe the best route to take is first of all love yourself. Secondly know what it is (you) want and lastly be "realistic" and keep things in perspective.

      For example a teenage girl or woman in her early 20s is likely to be setting herself up for heartbreak if she believes she has found her "soul-mate". The last thing on a guy's mind in that age range is becoming his parents!

      Most guys that age want to party with friends, watch/play sports, video games, and get laid.

      The idea of settling down, getting married, having a 30 year mortgage, and children is like watching their life flash before their eyes!

      It's been reported the average age of losing one's virginity in the U.S. is 17 and the average age of first time married women is 27 while for men it's 29.

      That implies most people are going to have (10) or more years of sexual experience before they get married. Odds are all of that experience won't be with the (first person) they had sex with.

      A young woman would better off to focus her energy on her education, establishing a career, traveling, and dating for FUN.

      If she really wants to get married she should consider dating guys in their early 30s who have never been married.

      With regard to your statement: " I did not like the rule about how a woman should be having sex with her husband and the lack of that could cause him to stray." The author is correct!

      The underlying reason for anyone to agree to "forsake all others" is their belief that they have someone who is "committed" to addressing those needs. Therefore they have no reason to go elsewhere.

      It's not realistic to expect someone not to go out to eat if they have no food in their own house. Ideally the goal is to marry someone whose sexual libido is equal to your own. If any woman told a man ahead of time that they plan to stop having sex or rarely have it there would be fewer marriages. Men marry women hoping they will never change and women marry men hoping they can change them over time.

      Perhaps both are being unrealistic!

      It's not about "never saying no" but how often one says no.

      Lack of sex creates a distance in both long-term relationships and marriages. There's a whole industry dedicated to teaching couples how to "keep the magic alive" or rediscover romance and passion...etc

      It's easier to maintain a fire than it is to reignite a spark!