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Date Time

Updated on February 16, 2015

The impression

What do you do?! You finally pulled the person you have been freaking over, for a date. Million things, makeup, hair, clothes, breath, and what else. Well the whole reason you doing the freaking is all because of the first impression moment. The end of your life. I'm kidding, But, could be. Anywho, first impression, longest it is, is about five minutes, when you first see each other. My tip, be calm and yourself. Lastly, the first impression is usually the part of the relationship that is remembered and gets you to the second round.

My date...

Well hopefully the first impression was good and the date was even better. All relationships are different. How they started and how they are carried on. On your date be who you are mainly, but be a little more spunky, for lack of a better word. Don't lie or be fake. It really doesn't get you anywhere with that special someone. First dates should be about finding out the basics and short and sweet. But, like I said everyone is different. Couple of tips for the guy for a first or second date:

1. keep it to about a 2 hour length

2. something the girl (female general) would like

3. be boyish in a proper manner


1. bring clear gloss for when the lipstick wears off

2. your fav. perfume

3. be cute, bubbly, and sweetly quiet


snagging the second date

Here's a little trick, when you get home for the rest of the night play his game. After that the next day act like you kinda don't mind, but leave hints about the time you had with him. Because he should be a ball of nerves by now. Try not to be clingy and go about your day till he calls. Allow a little pull back when you talk to him for the first time after the date. Showing that your aware and protecting yourself. Strong, but beautiful. Be yourself. Don't try and follow this hub exactly just read it once and apply what you remember.


The End

Well, hopefully after you have had the first impression, the first date, and snagged the second one with the person of your dreams. Enjoy yourself. Give yourself a round of applause for not chickening out. Remember we all deal with life and love and dating differently. Don't take any of this as a must do. Hope the information comes in handy.

Juliet Faith

Have a Beautiful Date!



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