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Date Tips: How To Create Great Conversation

Updated on May 9, 2009

To have a successful date, you must have great conversation. Conversation creates chemistry. Leaving out just one of these tips, can end a conversation quickly or be the cause of “date destruction”.

Here are the top five conversation tips that you should know:

1. Don’t talk too much about yourself. Nothing is more annoying than hearing someone talk too much about themselves or boast about their accomplishments. So save the detailed speech for another time.

2. Ask open-ended questions. In other words, don’t just ask questions that end in a response of yes, no, or maybe. Ask questions that require an explanation or a brief dialogue.

3. Keep the conversation balanced. Though you shouldn’t talk too much about yourself, you should mention some good qualities about yourself (remember: be careful not to boast). Don’t ask too many questions. That’ll make the other person feel that they’re on the hot seat. The best thing to do is find common interest and let the conversation flow. It will seem much easier this way, and you won’t have to rack your brain for questions.

4. Keep the conversation light, playful, and positive.

5. Stay away from opposing view topics such as religion or politics. Stay on common ground and away from things that may spark negative comments or viewpoints.

If you study and implement these five tips during your conversation with a potential mate, you will have many great conversations with him/her. Your dates will also dramatically improve and you will have much better success in the dating world.


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