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Date Your Mate

Updated on April 17, 2007

Huh? Date your wife/husband?

Yes I said date your mate. Just because you are 'together' in your relationship, whether you are committed to living together or married, in order to keep romance alive, it takes work. Nothing worth anything is free and easy!

Whether you have kids or not, taking time out from the daily grind and focusing on each other is so important to a lasting relationship. It is just human nature to be busy with our work and just daily living that we all too often forget to take time out to do those things we did when we first met our honey! When the 'honeymoon' period has phased itself out then the flowers stop, the spontaneous little gifts and cards slack off, and going out on a date becomes obsolete! Shame shame shame!

Making a 'date night' a regular thing shows your mate that you care about him/her. That you still want that excitement with them of a date like when you were in the dating phase of your relationship. Choose to do this once a week, every other week or once a month. Whatever fits your schedules and preferences and budget.

A date does not have to be an elaborate expensive event. Some ideas of things to do for under $50 would be:

  • Going to a movie and for pizza or drinks afterwards.
  • Visit a museum that interests you
  • Take a walk through a local public garden
  • A play at a local playhouses and live theater
  • Picnic at your favorite lake or oceanside, depending on where you live!
  • Go hear a local band at a nearby bar or tavern

Search your local newspaper for local events going on.

And do not be so ridged that you cannot have an unplanned or spur of the moment date. Surprise your sweetie by calling him or her at work or home and telling them to be ready by a specific time and you have a surprise for them. Then plan a place to go to eat, watch the sunset, see a movie you've been wanting to see or whatever strikes your fancy! Or when you are out doing perhaps something as mundane as grocery shopping or other shopping, stop in a gift shop or flower shop and get a small fun gift!

Ladies don't forget to do these little gifts for your guy! Its not all about the flowers and candy for us, but if he is an avid outdoorsman grab him some little thing that is within his interests. If he loves to fish, get him an interesting lure. Golf anyone? How about golf balls, tee's, a hat, etc. You get the idea!


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      Mary 9 years ago

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