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Dating 101: 8 Smart Ways to Make Her Like You

Updated on April 29, 2018

Dating 101 Tips

Smile at her often
Smile at her often


What are some dating 101 tips that can help a guy to increase the chances of making his dates interesting and exciting so that the lady he will date will want to go out with him again and again? What are some dating 101 tricks for guys to increase the chances that the woman will like you and wish to have a long-term relationship with you?

In this article, I share dating tips that will help you to impress your female date, as well as help you to give her an enjoyable experience so that she will be willing to develop a close relationship with you.

Now, what should you do?

Smile At Her Often

One dating 101 tip you must use is that you must ensure you look happy most of the time. When you meet your date the first time, smile at her so that she can feel that she can trust you—a study carried out at the New York University suggests that when a person looks happy, when a person smiles, it makes him or her appear trustworthy. When the woman feels that she can trust you, it will help her to feel relax and, as a result, she will be fun to be with.

Additionally, some studies have shown that when you look into someone’s face and smile, it makes you look friendly attractive. When your female date finds you attractive, when she feels that you are a friendly guy, she is more likely to feel attracted to you. Consequently, she is more likely to agree to subsequent dates, if you want to continue seeing her.

Try To Show That You Are Bashful

Research shows that women do not like men who show modesty because they think that modesty makes a man look weak, diffident, and unambitious.

Therefore, do your best to show that you are a confident guy—speak with vim and vigor, take charge of the conversation and take the initiative to ask her questions, brag about your achievements at school or in the office, tell her about hardships and tough challenges you have overcome in your life, walk with a swag, and tell her about some of the fantastic dreams and visions you have for your future and it may charm her and make her wish to have a long-term relationship with you.

Speak Slowly

Avoid speaking quickly when it is your turn to communicate with your date. Doing so will make her feel that you are a nervous guy and that may affect your chances of getting subsequent dates since women want to have relationships with confident guys who can show leadership in a relationship.

Rather, choose to speak in a slow, deliberate manner. This will show her that you are a confident, self-assured guy who knows what he wants and who is credible and trustworthy and she will love your company and wish to spend time with you subsequently. Additionally, speaking slowly will help you to communicate better so that you can build rapport with her to make her like you.

Keep The Conversation Interesting

The way you react to what your date says will determine whether she will enjoy the conversation bit of the date or not. When she finds that you are a good conversationalist, she is likely to want to spend more time with you at another time and so she is likely to accept your invitation for subsequent dates.

How can you keep the conversation interesting? By trying to balance being passive with being active. In other words, do not just agree with whatever she says because you don’t want to offend her and ruin your chances of getting another date with her, and also because you want to come across as a perfect gentleman. That will make her feel that you are a boring guy with no self-confidence, something which most women don’t like about men.

Additionally, avoid changing the conversation subject entirely and restarting the conversation in an entirely new direction which you choose, when she gets the conversation moving in a direction that you do not appreciate.

For example, if she steers the conversation in the direction of fashion, don’t withdraw or fail to respond when she asks you something about fashion only to ask her something about sports when she wants to pursue the fashion conversation.

The best thing to do is to accept her topic, to redirect it slightly when you are getting bored with that topic, and then to start asking her questions about what you are interested in talking about so that you can whip up her interest in the topic you want to discuss.

For example, if you want to talk about soccer whilst she is talking about fashion, ask her what she feels about the fashion sense of soccer stars. When she takes the bait, it will help to redirect the topic slightly and then you can continue talking about soccer when she responds to your question.

Make Her Laugh

Research shows that women find men who are funny attractive because they think that such men are intelligent. Intelligence is one quality in men that women find attractive and she would love to go out with you again and again if she feels you are intelligent.

Additionally, a study has revealed that when a man can make a woman laugh, she is likely to give you her phone number when you ask for it, and she is likely to agree to go out on subsequent dates with you if you ask her.

So, prepare before you meet her. Watch funny movies, read funny jokes, commit about 20 (so that you will have enough jokes to entertain her and make her have fun during the date) to your memory, rehearse them just before you meet her, and use them when you feel the conversation is lulling so that you can keep the date exciting throughout the time you spend with her.

Mirror Your Date’s Behavior

Observe closely the posture, gestures, breathing rhythm, tone of voice, levels of activity or passivity of your date and try to mirror it or do your best to match it. It will help the lady to feel connected to you, she will feel that both of you are bonding and she will love to spend time in your company again.

Listen With Rapt Attention And Ask Her To Tell You More

Avoid thinking about what you are going to ask her after she has finished saying what she is saying, and avoid thinking about the next question you are going to ask her, when your date is expressing herself. Rather, concentrate on listening to what she is trying to communicate to you, watch out for intriguing and interesting things she will say, and ask her to tell you more about the things you find amusing—some studies have shown that when you follow the conversation of someone and you ask the person to tell you more, it can make the person like you better.

Mimic Some Of Her Gestures And Behavior

A study published in the Journal of Sex Research has revealed that when you mimic the verbal and nonverbal behavior of another person, it makes the person that you mimic like you.

So, from time to time, use some of the same gestures this lady uses, speak in a tone that sounds like the tone she uses, mimic what she does with her arms and hands and she will grow to like you and want to develop a closer relationship with you.


Some dating 101 tips that will help you to have a wonderful and successful dating experience are that smile at her often, show confidence and bashfulness, speak slowly and clearly, keep conversations interesting always, make her laugh often, match her gestures and postures, and solicit more information from her using the information she gives you when she is speaking, and mimic her from time to time.

Dating 101 Tips for Men

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