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Dating Apps That Put Women In Control

Updated on April 13, 2015

If you have ever searched for love online at any of the websites or phone apps and your a woman, an attractive woman, you will no doubt have encountered male responses with rude, crude comments about your body or invites to about his body and rod. For most women not just looking for a hook-up or one night stand, this is disgusting and the male message is deleted. Why guys do this is beyond me. Do these nimrods really think this would attract a woman searching for real love and not just a phuck? About the only type that would find the comments "cool" are loose women and call girls. Some of the messages guys send are just unbelievable. And as far as the 91 million people who search for love online, the real, cold, hard fact is, only those who are attractive or handsome, really find the most success. Those are the ones that get responses on a frequent basis. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for many, the people they are attracted to, are not attract to them or vice versa.

Tinder, which began in 2012, has 21 million users and processes 1.5 billion files a day and makes 5 billion matches. With Tinder, there is no chatting until both parties have seen each other's profile and photo and like what they see. That's where the crude and rude comments about body parts come in.

The problem with the dating apps is because most have been developed and created by men and from their perspective. They do not consider the female psyche about dating online apps and the creep factor of guys being guys (most of the creeps are in their 20's). To combat this, many women developers have started their own where women are in control of initiating contact or men can only enter the website by an invitation.

New Dating Apps for Women

  1. Siren allows women control of their visibility and require them to make the first move. Profiles are built up over time from responses to questions, which generate a more accurate character profile.
  2. Wyldfire is exclusive to women until a man is invited. This hopefully will create a desirable stable of men for women to select from. Any woman can sign up.
  3. Bumble allows women to control the whole online meeting. Both sexes can join for free and meet a limited amount of choices. Rejects are swiped to the left, accepted choices to the right. But the woman must also agree after she views the man's profile. If there is a match, only then can chatting begin only if the woman starts the chat within 24 hrs. If this does not occur, the match disappears.
  4. The Grade simply is like others but the messages sent and responses are graded. If the comments do not get at least a D grade, the person will be banned from the site.
  5. The Catch allows only women to browse men's profiles and select which ones to contact. These men are then sent four questions and the best answers are determined by the woman to select from.
  6. Happn is an app designed to help you meet people whose path you have crossed within a 700 yard radius and how many times. Then, you make a selection and carry on.
  7. Dattch is a lesbian app, no males allowed!

The most popular new apps are Bumble and Wyldfire. Tinder is still vastly popular but many women are turned off by the rude comments from men who only want a hook-up.


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