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Dating Business Cards: What Are They and Why Use Them For Dating?

Updated on October 16, 2010

What is listed on a Dating Card?

Dating Cards are like business cards except they only contain your personal contact information and are to be handed out to prospective dates. Sound odd? Would you even hand out your regular business card to a person you would like to date? The idea is that you do not have to disclose your work information or job information when handing out a card. You can order dating cards from any place that prints business cards, you just list information about yourself instead of your company.

What is the etiquette for using dating cards?

What are the social guidelines for dating cards? Because this is non-traditional concept, it is hard to define the social norms. For example, if you are a man handing a dating card it would imply that the woman would have to call you first if she is the one with your contact information. If you ask for her number first, would it be necessary then for her to have your number if the expectation is that the male will call the female first?

How would those receiving your cards perceive you? The fact you are giving your phone number out to enough people that it warrants having dating cards printed might make prospective dates wonder how much you get around town.

Dating cards could also be a good conversation starter. Handing our a dating card could open the door for conversation since the recipient may not have seen a dating card before. Dating cards could also be a good way to hand your phone number or e-mail to someone without having to make contact with them. For example, if you see someone at another table at a restaurant and don’t find the opportunity to initiate conversation you can have a waiter give your dating card to that person on your behalf.

In general, ask if you would like to get a dating card from someone. If you desire this type of communication and date initiation than the personality type of the partner you are seeking might have similar thoughts on the concept.

Would you call someone who handed you a date card?

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How to get dating cards

Dating cards can be ordered at any place you would order business cards. All you have to do is specify what you want written on the card and pick a layout. If you want a only few cards, you can go to an office supply store and make them yourself with a printer and designated card stock.

Dating cards and their design can reflect your personality. You can list a phrase below your name that best reflects your personality to help the recipient better understand you. Here are a couple examples:

Bob Smith
Phone: 555-555

Jennifer A. Smith
Pet Lover
Phone: 555-5555


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