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Dating Philippine Women

Updated on April 14, 2013

Philippine women are widely known for being caring, loving, hard working and faithful to their partners. This is one major reason why many foreign men seek them out as long-term partners. Women from these parts are not difficult to deal with. Just remember that stereotypes are not true. If you want to find someone to be with you for the long haul, compatibility personality-wise is very important. Check out these dating pointers to make that search worthwhile.

First Date Do's

When going out with a Filipina woman the first few times, a guy should be polite enough to offer to foot the bill even if she offers to split the bill. For good measure, making a good impression puts your best foot forward. In succeeding dates, it is alright to go dutch.

Initial dates is often a casual 'getting to know you' phase. A meeting for light conversation over coffee, proceeding to a movie date or dinner all are acceptable. Don't appear too forward or you risk being slapped and worst rejected for any chance of a second date. Do not be surprised if she prefers having a friend accompany her, unless you have been friends for a while.

There could be differences with a Filipina woman hailing from a province with one coming from the cities. It is better to learn of the nuances and always practice courtesy and being a gentleman on all occasions.

More or less similar level of education

Seek out women who have finished some schooling or college at least. A higher degree of education, though not always a guarantee, will make for an interesting background match. It is logical to seek someone with more or less similar level educational attainment. A girl who finishes a higher level of education will ensure that you are dealing with a partner, and will make for interesting exchanges later on. It would make for an interesting match if she has dreams of making it on her own either as a working woman or in other business endeavors. Moreover, miscommunication will likely arise if she is unable to understand simple English.

Learn to trust your gut feeling

Do not proceed when you feel that the girl you are dating is not being honest to you. Learn to know her, her family and her aspirations. It would be beneficial to both if you are honest with each other right from the start. You should also be honest with your intentions as she will often see through it.

Filipina circa 1875
Filipina circa 1875 | Source

Stereotypes are well...stereotypes

Filipino women are thought of as sweet and caring and even docile, but this could only be true for some, so don't generalize. A lot of changes have occured and it is up to you to find that person that matches your personality. Education and exposure to the cultures of the West could have influenced the views and perceptions of the modern Filipina women. Nevertheless, a number of values like respect for elderly, love for the family are is still pervasive.

Do a little background research before making that big decision

If you have already found the woman you think you would spend your life with, don't make a hasty decision without getting as much information as you can. And yes, this is even more true before you even decide to give her a visit in the Philippines. If you met a filipina woman online, then it is all the more necessary to know about her identity before you even start thinking of getting seriously involved with her.

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