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Dating In The Speed Lane

Updated on January 23, 2011

Relaxing At Home After An Interesting Night Out

Kicking it at the casa after an interesting night out on a Hurry Date!
Kicking it at the casa after an interesting night out on a Hurry Date!

Oh What An Interesting Night......

Well, here I am, kicking my feet up at my home at 3 am laughing at what an interesting night I had just experienced. The night started out with me attending my first Speed Dating event. Now this event has been brewing for about two months as I originally signed up for the event back in April, but the May event was cancelled.

I don't have any problem getting dates as I'm enjoying a hot streak lately, but I figured I might as well enjoy the night and see what kind of trouble I can get into. I arrived at Cuba Libra, a bar on 5th street that a fried of mine used to manage just prior to 7pm. The speed date didn't start until 7:30 so I had over thirty minutes to relax. The bar was pretty full for it being near the end of happy hour. It was funny watching people's reactionas as they rolled into the bar, a retractable curtain entrance opened and closed as they stepped in, often leading to a suprised look on their face.

It was impossible not to wonder who was there for the Hurry Date. Several women walked in, and you could almost see on their face that they were scouting out the guys in the bar. I liked the scenery that was walking in and figured that this might be a good night.

I walked to the back of the bar to the lounge area to register. Two guys were running the event and they assigned me the number 27 as my Hurry Date number. Three ladies sat down at the bar next to me as I returned to my bar stool. I could tell that a couple of them were school teachers. I couldn't help but smile to myself as I overheard their conversation about being there for the first time. Even though I'm used to meeting and talking to strange people on a regular basis, I found myslef a bit nervous. I ordered my usual Crown and coke, and watched the University of Texas and LSU play in the final game of the College World Series up until 7:30 rolled around.

As the time arrived, I headed to the back of the bar to the lounge. The lounge was a mixture of couches that lined the wall along with a few tables and another bar that filled the back half of the lounge. There was seventeen people in total. Nine women and eight guys. I kind of chuckled to myself at the mixture as the girls out numbered the guys. I found myself surrounded by a variety of guys that were hanging out by themselves and were obviously a lot more nervous than me. After scanning the women, I was pleasently pleased that most of them were attractive. "This should be interesting," I thought to myself. Let the games begin!

Matt and Benjy (the organizers) started off by having the ladies sit down in spots that had been marked with letters from A to I. One girl would have a break period inbetween the eight dates. With each date being seven minutes long, it would give everyone just enough time to tangle the mental bate with each other before scoring each date with a Yes or a No on the scorecard provided by Matt and Benjy. So let's get started.

Date one was with a University of Texas Grad student who was working on her MBA in Sociology. She was nice, but just not my type as her eyes seemed like she had five Red Bulls before arriving. It was her first time to the event, and you could tell she was a bit nervous. She got a N on my scorecard. Next!

Date two was with an attractive school teacher. She was blond and her short black shorts showed off her nice legs. She was there to have fun and was enjoying being off for the summer. If I remember correctly, she taught first grade and really enjoyed her job. She was outgoing and seemed like a lot of fun. She got a Y on my scorecard!

Date three was a tall, attractive, brunette who worked as an underwriter for a insurance company. I had noticed her as she walked in the bar and we had exchanged smiles. She enjoyed traveling abroad and we had some great things in common. The seven minutes went by pretty fast but she definitely got a Y on my scorecard. Out of any of the dates, I hoped that I got a chance to visit with her some more after the event or on another date.

Date number four was with another school teacher. It turned out she was friends and taught with the other teacher but she taught computers to the elementary kids. She was extremely nice. I gave her a Yes as she would be fun to go out with.

Date five was a boring CPA from Buda. Date six was a red headed teacher who was from Dallas in town visiting friends. Date seven was another insurance agent who described what she liked to do in a few amazing words. "I enjoy drinking and vodkay!" Boy, that was original, and the way she was dressed, showing off her boobs and letting her leopard print bra hang out went nicely with her blond hair and mindless chatter. All got a big N on my scorecard. Dates eight and nine were both boring teachers who just didn't fit the Carson mold of potential dates.

After the dates were over, the group dispersed into a few smaller groups as we headed back into Cuba Libra's main bar area. I ended up visiting with both Insurance agents and the first two school teacher's. Another guy by the name of Jamison joined us, but it was obvious that he was interested in the easy insurance agent target. I bought a round of drinks for the ladies and we all started up where our conversations from a few minutes before had ended.

Some of chose to head next door to the Speakeasy to catch some drinks and visit some more. Both teachers that worked together, along with the alcohol craving insurance underwriter and her male coworker, Charlie.

As we arrived at the Speakeasy, we found LC Rocks, a local Austinite, big hair, cover band that was pretty good. We all headed up to the rooftop patio and got a round of drinks and all started asking more about each other. It was pretty funny as the majority of the group was laughing at the Alkie and Jamison. Jamison was around 35, short, a computer geek, and enjoying the fact that the drunk insurance agent had leeched onto him. They ended up rolling around on one of the couches and she eventually had her legs wrapped around Jamison's head while wrestling him until they rolled off the couch.

As Jamison was wrestling his easy score, Charlie and I visited some more. As it turned out, he was best friends with the other agent that I had hoped would join us. The two teachers decided to head out and Charlie and I decided to do the same thing. As we were heading out, the Alkie unlocked lips and her scissorgrip on Jamison to notice that we were leaving so she jumped up and drug Jamison behind us.

As we were heading out, Jamison recommended that we headed to Aces Lounge as he knew the manager. We agreed free drinks would be nice so we headed the two blocks over. As we arrived at Aces, we found a desolate bar with only four people dancing and no friend of Jamison either. That bar sucked!

In the same time, Charlie had called his roommate on the phone and so after 20 minutes of unstimulated bar atmosphere, we walked down to the Blind Pig Pub. The Pig was a much better bar atmosphere and I ended up visiting with a couple ladies that turned out to be Hooter's waitresses.  It was kind of funny watching Charlie and his roommate try to scoot in on the conversation.  While Charlie was a pretty cool guy, it was also obvious he was a bit of a hound dog.  I ended up grabbing a drink with his roommate and as I turned back around, the Hooter's girls were walking out of the bar.  I guess Charlie wasn't as smooth as he pretented to be as he suggested we move onto another bar.  

Jamison and his catch had followed us to the Blind Pig and as the three of us guys were climbing into a cab to head to a new watering hole that Charlie's roommate had suggested, they squeezed themselves into the same cab as us.  Somehow Alkie's hands ended up on my hands and they moved to squeeze her boobs as she purposely moved her hands while smiling at me.  Good for you Jamison, good for you!

We arrived in less than five minutes at a new bar that resembled a home being rehabbed that was right off of Rainy street.  The bar was pretty packed and the backyard had a bunch of picnic tables, adirondack chairs, and two ping pong tables, all that were pretty much full of patrons.  There was also a mobile kitchen van parked on the side of the fence that was serving tacos and some other items.  

We guys sat down nearby the ping pong table amongst a group of girls that were sitting together.  It was less than five minutes before Jamison had his date on the pool table and they became the source for most of the bar's conversations amoungs the patrons.  

It turned out that we were barking up the wrong tree!  The girls around us were definitely more interested in each other then us and after reading a bit more of their body language and after asking a few more questions, we found out the group of ladies were lesbians.  I chuckled under my breath and decided it was time for some long deserved heart burn by ordering something from the portable health hazard on wheels.  I have to say the two tacos I ordered were pretty damn good, but I was going to need a prilosec before I went to bed!  

Two o'clock came a few minutes later and I was in a cab and on the way back to the valet outside of Cuba!  While the night had started off with a bang, the rest of the night was a series of disappointing bar hops along with watching Jamision struggle to land his intoxicated squeeeze.  It would take a few days to find out how many potential future dates I would have.  I also forgot to mention that since there were less than 10 women, I would have a free pass to the next Hurry Date event.  It wasn't so bad, but it was definitely more interesting to watch people on some nights out than most of my seven minute dates turned out to be.  Time will tell what holds in the next few week!

It turned out that I was selected by several of the women (five in total) to get a second date with including the Alkie!  I've got an attractive first grade teacher and an insurance underwriter to take out!  Wish me luck!  Otherwise I've got a new set of women to Hurry Date in a month!  It could have been a lot worse.  Maybe Gina from the 40 year old virgin could have shown up!  Hey, everybody is looking for love or just the next person to buy them a drink!


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    • Kimberly Bunch profile image

      Kimberly Bunch 

      9 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

      Good Story! This might be useful to you:

    • Dr Nancy Kenyon profile image

      Nancy Kenyon 

      9 years ago from Orlando, FL

      HA!  I love the retractable curtain.  Interesting story.  Thanks.


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