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Dating In the 21st Century: A Single Girl's Guide to Keeping Sanity - Part One

Updated on October 1, 2012

Part One: The Choice

Dating is difficult. Ask any single woman in today’s society and you will hear the same things: “It is so difficult to meet a decent person,” “He had no manners. No wonder he is still single,” “I sound so much cooler online.”

Let’s face reality. In today’s society if you are looking for love and not a mere sexual encounter, your chances are pretty slim. Most men desire the “catch” – the big boobs, sexy, voluptuous woman to tote around as eye candy as apposed to the “true love.”

Now don’t get me wrong … I am a fairly attractive female, but I desire more than a roommate with benefits. I desire a soul mate. What’s the difference? Therein lies the question all single females are asking before they decide whether or not to settle.

The Roommate

The roommate with benefits is defined as a mutual agreement to tolerate each other’s living conditions while dabbling in the occasional tryst. You are okay, so I am okay. I will pretend to be interested in things you are interested in as long as you agree to be faithful.

The Soul Mate

The soul mate is defined as a mad, passionate longing for each other. You could not imagine living apart because you are perfectly suited on the spiritual, social, and intellectual levels. There is no question of fidelity. Toleration is a non-issue.

Once a female decides what she seeks in a life partner then she can decide whom to seek. If she seeks a roommate with benefits then she must decide what habitual habits she will allow in her living environment. Together the two must decide what is tolerated in the home.

The soul mate is a lot more difficult to find and seek out. Therein lies most single women’s problem. The thought of settling for mediocrity is simply unacceptable. Where does a single woman even begin to look for the soul mate? Find out where to look in part two entitled “The Search for Soul Mates.”


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    • Rosalinem profile image

      Rosalinem 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      LightinDarkness very well written, i look forward to the conclusion on where to find this elusive soul mate, voted up and beautiful.