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Dating Japanese Women

Updated on October 10, 2015

Where To Meet English Speaking Japanese Women

My article will mostly focus on men wishing to date women in Japan. Foreign women do date the locals, but it's less common. I'll explain that later in the article.

Many men teach English in Japan and visit expat bars. Expat is short for expatriate, meaning someone whose working outside their own country. Logically women that want to date exotic men often visit these bars. So to improve your odds in meeting that type of woman, I'd suggest starting there.

Women Walking in Kyoto

Proper Social Standards

I can't claim to be the expert here, but I do have helpful, socially acceptable tips. First of all, I want to be clear, I have dated a couple locals however I'm not a player.

Unlike drinking back home, when you're overseas the English level of the locals varies as widely as the salaries. It's best to start any communication with simple eye contact like a normal human being.

Remember to speak slowly and use simple words like a 3 year old.

If some gorgeous woman came up to me and started chatting I'd have no idea what she was saying. If their speaking ability is higher, then mirror them. Learning some key local phrases wouldn't hurt either. They've studied your language throughout school so they understand the basics, you should do the same. Genki Desuka (Genki- deska) which means How are you? Hajimimashite (ha-g-meh- mashtay) meaning Nice to meet you.

They lack confidence, so you have to be proactive.

I noticed that rarely did anyone come up to me to say hello. Most women are really shy. Even if they are checking you out, they probably won't talk to you. Whether you like it or not the women aren't confident. It's a misogynist country where family values resemble the 1950's in America. The men are expected to make initial contact to show interest.

If body language isn't working, using a translation app.

If you're lucky enough to get into a conversation, feel free to use your phone to translate if needed to clarify something. Everyone expects your language skills to be horrible. I'm dating a low English speaker and translation apps are wonderful for solving this problem.

Text using LINE instead of asking for a phone number

Don't bother asking for a phone number. How would you talk if you can't speak the language? You might not even understand the numbers if you heard them. Instead, create a free LINE account and share it with those you meet. You can easily copy and paste the language from the app into a translator. I know it sounds tedious, but it helps, and will put both of you at ease.

Be patient, this isn't speed dating.

Meeting is like playing charades because you're trying to break the language barrier. It's really fun if you're patient. Be patient. You'll find the conversation is simple and fun. Talk about likes and dislikes.


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    • Benny01 profile image

      Ijeoma Peter 2 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      Interesting story, watching their movies can also help you learn more about their language.