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150 Online Dates In 1 Year - Am I Nuts? & Dating Profile Examples

Updated on August 24, 2014

150 Dates in 1 Year

What do you think about me trying to go on 150 Dates in 1 Year?

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Where to get Online Dating Profile Examples that are better than Tasty Awesomesauce.

If you're unfamiliar with online dating then creating your profile could possibly be the most difficult part. It certainly was for me initially when I first started out.

To make creating your profile simpler you need some examples. But not merely any examples. You absolutely need some awesome online dating profile examples that rock 150 date style.

The best way to get these kinds of examples is to examine your competitors'. You better believe it. You'll need to carry out a bit reconnaissance work.

You'll want to download and install Evernote and then the Evernote web clipper for your browser. You will use this amazing software to simply gather the ideal online dating profile examples.

Once you have downloaded as well as installed each of those tools, begin with exploring the profiles within the online dating website of your choosing.

I really like:

  • Chemistry
  • okCupid
  • Match
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish

But check out user profiles in the bigger metropolitan areas like New York City, Chicago & San Francisco. Especially where classy edgy individuals are known to dwell.

For example, a postal code in Manhattan is 10133. The explanation for that is you'll find significantly more profiles to go looking through plus the profiles will likely be of significantly higher quality.

Once you uncover a spectacular profile which stands apart, use the Evernote web clipper in order to save the profile. As you are at it, when you see instances of profiles that suck, work with the web clipper to save those also.

I would recommend reading at least 103 profiles. I added the 3 because it's my lucky number. This can require several hours therefore it is fine to divide this work over a couple days.

After looking through a great number of profiles, you will start to get an understanding for what is great and what is low quality.

This will assist you profoundly whenever writing your personal profile.

Easily, you will have a collection of the finest profiles.

Now, you're going to make one more collection from the profiles you saved. This will be the very best of the best quality.

Go through the list of saved profiles. Save simply the best bits of every single profile.

This absolutely should furnish you with numerous great ideas on how to compose your very own profile.

After that process you will be on the right track to creating possibly the best profile in the galaxy!

For astronaut quality online dating tips & dating profile examples click here.

Example of the 150 Dates Reports



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