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How To LOSE Your Girlfriend. This Report May Shock You!

Updated on February 1, 2013

Marital Affairs! Your Girlfriend, Your Fiance Or Even Your WIFE

Marital Affairs. Cheating behind your back with your best friend, or her work colleague. The ugly side of Promiscuity!

The Shocking Truths, you may be losing your woman.

Here is a common story about Prince Charming. And more importantly, how Mr Prince Charming might even relate to you, personally, and dare I say it, the love of your life too, your woman.

Prince Charming usually is not a fussy fellow, albeit, if he fancies a challenge of dipping his wick into uncharted waters, by gawd, he'll take, or better still, MAKE, his opportunity to wet his paddle for love nor money.

The love of your life could be your Sweet little Girlfriend, your Beautiful Fiance or even your Wife, whom simply, becomes charmed by this unforgiving tyrant, whilst they roll around the hay, out of site from you.

This report may shock you. But as we are real folk living in a real world my intention is to tell you how it really is!

Just follow my story.

A decent guy has finally found the woman of his dreams. You are both happy. You agree on a romantic encounter together. And if your romance is mutual, both agreeing to exclusivity, you've finally engaged in a one on one relationship.


Now let me provide you with something else to consider that could make you the very best partner within your relationship for your dear lady. If this is what you really desire?

Especially as you have no intentions of Cheating, Sneaky Affairs & Down right Promiscuity towards your lover behind her back.

And mainly, you encourage to expel the advances of the hot little sex kitten, sharpening her talons, purring at you, waiting to pounce. Or the smouldering siren who digs a challenge and takes a fancy to your alpha manly charms, should any of these forsaken creatures dare to cast their spell, so feminine, so deadly.


If your that type of guy this article is for you...

Then Please Read On!

Were talking about Monogamy here:

What does Monogamy mean exactly? .

The Meaning of Monogamy is: having only one sexual partner, who only has sex with you!

Simple isn't it?

So obviously, by now, you've come to terms with this statement.

If you don't, then your not in an exclusive committed relationship and maybe this articles not really for you.

Now, let me tell you more about Prince Charming!

There are two kinds of Prince Charming in this world nowadays, these guys are everywhere.

The first Prince Charming I want to mention, is you.

The second seem inconsiderate within their conscience, allowing pure lust and attraction to lead the way.These guys are willing to jump in to cause attraction, intentionally, unto your dear lady for their own lustful benefits. Even at the very first opportunity when your back is turned.

You see, you may not be the only man who finds your lady attractive, sexy!

It doesn't matter to Prince Charming that your woman, your wife, your girl or your fiance. is already involved in a relationship, with you. He just doesn't care, in fact, he disrespects you as a man to be honest.

This Prince Charmin only sees his venture as a daring, exciting challenge. He continues his dastardly onslaught as your girl and him sweat and gyrate behind your back, gaining sexual gratification, moaning and groaning together.


But consider this....

Your woman got emotions you know. She got needs.

Picture the scenario…

Its just the two of them, alone. Your nowhere in sight

Is it the excitement?

Is it’s secretive & Taboo?

Is it’s not allowed?

Is it’s spontaneous fun & exciting?

Is it, having it off with a new sexy partner?

Definitely, its sexual chemistry and fatal attraction and there's no denying that.

Your Woman May Actually Love You, But She Hasn't Quite Closed Her Opportunities Yet

In the fact that: your not that guy, for her.

A good 'committed' women, within a committed relationship, whom is content with you, would soon detest any advances of Prince Charming, if the dastardly fellow should come onto her.

In fact, she'd be quite used to it. But, her priorities are on you both.

She may even confide in you of the attempt by another. Or she may wish to. If your that type of guy to handle such news.

Explaining how he came onto her, if he persists maybe, whilst you try to listen calmly.

But, it is only you who can but to verify & reinforce hers & yours monogamy towards each other!

If you even start to consider your lady like you used to when you first met her, she shouldn't feel the need to cheat behind your back!

You must not forget about this woman you chose.

But, what if she fancies the dastardly Prince Charming anyway, I mean, he's a tricky fellow, sometimes, so addictive too?

No one can help the way 'attraction' is. That is just human nature.

But once you both agree to exclusivity, it all depends on her commitment to you. & yours towards her. The arrangement is MUTUAL.

There is fancying another, and then, there is actually going off with someone else too, behind your back, even for a quick fling. These scenarios are two very different aspects all together.

But it is only you who can verify & reinforce hers & yours monogamy towards each other!

(Even though, it takes tow.)


You've got to make her feel special just like you did back in the day!

Notice her, REGULARLY, in a positive, fun & nice way.


You have to find her attractive. After all, the other guy does too.

Open her up! Communicate with her.......

She's your woman.

The power of communication!

You have to be willing to talk sensibly, make your decision calmly & go from there.

As a guy, you should NEVER be 'over emotional.'

FIRM yes, but in the same light, understanding her desires, her wishes and her personal turmoils all the same.

And if that fails, obviously, she's not that woman for you, no matter how long you both been together, so, just throw in the gloves and move on to brighter pastures.

She's not the ONE!

Or maybe, she needs time to think about the relationship.

(In which case, is not a good sign.) Relationships are supposed to be fun, you know. When there is stress, you must communicate, sort out the problem, come to some terms and agreements that suite you both.

But remember....

Awareness, of reminding you about your romance with your lady whilst letting you know there are some unsavory characters who Iv'e named Prince Charming!

For your woman to love only you and for your lady to be faithful to you, it would make sense to show her ATTENTION. Show her companionship and show her that you are hers for life. Realizing she’s not there to be taken advantage of by you or anybody else!

Important, don't crowd her, when she needs space, give her space, time alone or time for her friends etc.

You don't 'own' her. She's still a free spirit.

Still remember, your the guy, the alpha of the pack, within the relationship.

Men are born on this earth and our natural instinct (for most of us anyway) is to breed with the female population.

That's just what guys do.

Women are beautiful & sexy creatures.

Some guys think woman complicated at times, only because certain emotions of the female have deeper meanings than a male can perceive, or comprehend at the time, so they don't understand the depth of emotional aspects from a female's imagination.

Mainly, when young guys are young, we wake up one morning & suddenly, we become the makings of Prince Charming, because we sprout into puberty & we soon realize all of the benefits of becoming attracted by the opposite sex!

A real man fancies women!

This sprouting of alpha genes ensures our powerful lust factor, which burns deep inside, scorching our loins below creating testosterone man juice and becomes our new driving force of sexuality.

So thus our mission & adventure through life we search for lustful sex, love, & romance and eventually, if not sooner, after much trial & error, one day, we finally find our Princess, and lo & behold, we want to become committed to that one and we thus become the King of that queen.

This is how it all happens.

Over a period of time, as King, you may build your palace together with the very lady of your chosen desires, and thus furnish your castle with belongings, fixtures and furniture and even, bring up new heirs to your throne!

Oh the joys!

But in the meantime..

You got to become aware of lurkers, because of sneaky Prince Charmin’s, roaming your castle without a conscious, stalking your doorstep, waiting for you to leave the premises!

Sounds heavy I know, but I hope you got the gist?

You Chose Her as The ONE! For Life.

And by building your castle together with your chosen Queen, is just the start of your romantic encounter along your life's journey together as one entity joined at the hip.

You must always be wary to be aware of that cunning Prince Charming, that could quite easily come along & steal your queen away from under your nose.

These kinds of guys got no ethics what so ever!

Bring back hanging! Behead these dirty rascals is what I say.

Challenge these jokers to a joust with no mercy or regard to their life!

But all said and done, how can such a King prevent his kingdom from being ransacked & his precious jewels violently shaken all over the bedroom when he has to leave the palace on his merry jaunts away with his band of fellow men?

Mmm, what a question?

Let’s first examine & take a closer look at Mr devious Prince Charming who may be lurking around in the shadows of the stone cold towers & basements of your very castle, & the city grounds surrounding your moat.

You may know him?

You may not?

But regardless….

It’s imperative!

Forget about it for the moment, for this guy got no quibbles for the possible breakup of your relationship, plus your home, and he certainly has no emotions for you for that matter.


And if your not paying your woman that special attention, she so craves form her chosen partner, he just may get it!

The scoundrel!

But let me ask you something…..

You were Prince Charming once, wouldn't you agree?

What I mean is you romanced your girlfriend!

You had all the charms and talents of Prince Charming, at one time, I suspect.

You used to cause all kinds of attraction into your beautiful Princess & you even paid her all the attention, & if I’m not mistaken, I bet you used to flirt with her constantly too.

Am I right?

I am aren't I?

You created attraction!

Inside your princess…..

Didn't you Charles?

Bet ya couldn't keep away from her then?

So finally it was her you chose



Have Respect for Your Woman and Her Capabilities!

Remember, you chose her to be with you, for the rest of your life. And this was her choice too. She loved it, and I bet your bottom dollar you had a darned good reason for accepting this lady as your companion!

In fact, you could be bothered with her very well being, in them days.

You used to talk & have fun together, you used to communicate civilly and be open towards each others thoughts, ideas and interactions!

Guys can get busy at times, and so can women, but come on, we tend to let things slide, especially our partners desires and needs.

Mainly...things change over a period of time, that's just the way it is, what if you don't feel the same way for your woman like you used to when you first met her, and started dating?

Can you work something out together, or could it be the end of your relationship?

If your outlook towards your woman & your relationship with her has changed since the beginning, for whatever reason that can't be sorted out, maybe it is time to finish what you got together, and get the hell out of there.

It could be for the best you know!

Relationship are supposed to be fun after all!

Yes. Remember back in the day and how your lady made you feel?

These sensations are only because of how you felt for her.

You mirror back what you put out.

If you still feel love for your woman and you can't seem to manage to show her your feelings of how she makes you feel, show her how you feel anyway!

Try it for a while.

Let us now examine the very principles of your Queen in waiting & her female nature, her reserves and her needs, within a ROMANTIC relationship.

Let me ask you to take a different perspective for a moment, whilst you envisage this question.....

If you could be your girl (instead of yourself) how would you like to feel, by the thoughts and the actions from your partner?

She would have personal privileges, from you. She loves being the most special lady in your entire life.

Both you & she has to be satisfied that she is the only one in the world that means the most to you.

Only you can, know your lady too well! You have to make her feel needed, wanted, deep inside. Part of the team, which functions together.

Show her. Show her how passionate she makes you feel. You have to feel these very emotions just for your lady, yourself too!

You have to notice her.

Notice the things she does! Even the small things.

You did before she became your queen, I bet!

Let’s hope you still notice her so much now?

Even so, your lady has amazing capabilities & abilities, she's a woman, some accomplishments are sometimes so subtle they are un-noticed, by such a busy King!

And your awareness of such perceptions, sharply, unfortunately, wanes easily over time.

Until, her, and her efforts, become 'un-noticed.'

It can happen to the best of us.

Let me ask you?

Do you see clearly enough to feel as though you, yourself, could become inspired for your good lady alone on the simple little tasks she undertakes within the home, her hobbies, or whatever she’s doing?

Are you gratified for being with her?

If you are, then get it back into your personality, & your very nature, as a man, to show her this CONSIDERATE part of you?

If you really are this way inclined towards her, your woman deeply knows your true love & how you notice her and how you are there for her, as she is right by your side too.

Bring out the tissues I'm about to cry!

You got to find your lady sexy! YES, YOU GOT TO FIND YOUR LADY SEXY!

You either fancy her or you don't? Make up your mind!

Flirt & make her feel special. Like you used to.

Go on, I dare you, compliment her sexuality, notice her hair, notice her eyes, mention the big pimple on her cheek, her gorgeous thighs, get her to dress up in that kinky little number that you find her so attractive she wears so well. Do what ever you got to do. And mean it too. Notice her feminine nature, as a woman, her beauty and her active abilities!








And whatever you do by gad, if you have a great gal, HAVE RESPECT FOR YOUR WOMAN and just make sure you’re aware of all those Prince Charmin’s just waiting in the aisles, willing to do your job by instilling CHARISMA, ready to steal away your Queen behind your back!

If you enjoyed this article you’re going to love what else I got inside hubpages for you, plus, if you would like to join me and create your own interesting articles for revenue, Just sign up HERE and create an account, an author name and receive access right away.

Please leave your comments & let us know what you think.

Regards. Dale Ovenstone. Updated 2013


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      8 years ago from Wales UK

      Lol, I only tell it like it really is Angela. Thanks for your comment.

    • angela kekahu profile image

      angela kekahu 

      8 years ago

      OMG you are such a sweet talker. Nicely said. I agree and am quite interested in finding out how a man such as you have figured this out. Bravo Dale.

      Aloha, Angie

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      8 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you Rhonda.

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 

      8 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      Wow great hub. I am glad I have a great man who loves me. I always enjoy your hubs.


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