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5 Signs She's Not Into You

Updated on November 28, 2010

I've already written an article listing 5 ways to tell if she's into you -- today we're going to discuss 5 ways to tell when she isn't. As a female, these examples seem pretty simple and obvious to me, but I know from experience they often aren't.

If you dig a woman who’s behaving in the following ways, the whole pursuit is probably not worth your time. Yes, women like to be chased, but only by men they’re actually interested in. This article is for men who already know the woman – this not for someone you’ve just met online and haven’t seen face to face; that’s a whole other situation. This is for someone you’ve actually met.

She never asks you to go into detail.

Ok, let me be more specific – she never asks you to go into the details as they pertain to you, personally. In other words, she doesn’t want to know anything about you. If she’s a colleague and passes your desk with a “how was your weekend?” - this means nothing if she doesn’t actually stop and wait for the answer. Consider anything a less common courtesy and do not take that as a sign of serious interest. Additionally, if she’s never actually asked you a question she didn’t need to ask (something about work, for example) that’s a good sign she’s not interested in you being more than a colleague.

She takes forever to get back to you.

Even a brain surgeon can make time to sms someone. If the woman you lust after takes a day or two to get back to you, she’s probably not that into you. Don’t get me wrong, she might be as busy as she says she is. Many women are. But if a woman likes a man, she will make time for him, no matter what.

She never lets you do her any favors – or she repays them immediately.

This is a sign she knows you’re into her, and she doesn’t want to feel indebted or obligated to you. Why? Cos that could make her feel like she owes you something. So if you buy her a cup of coffee one morning, and find the favor returned before the end of the day, she’s probably clued into your feelings. Most sane women love it when a man they’re into does something for them. If the object of your affections does not, she’s either not interested, or she’s a femnazi. Either way, it’s probably time to move on.

She likes to keep a foot or more of space between you.

Ok – in very rare cases, this can mean a woman is so attracted to you, she doesn’t trust herself to get any closer. Please realize this usually only happens in romance novels. If she does everything in her power to keep some distance between the two of you, this is a good indication she’s not into you, and doesn’t want to give you the idea she might be.

She never makes eye contact for more than a few seconds.

Again, in very rare cases, this could mean she’s really, really into you. In fact, I tend to get this way myself if I’m really attracted to someone. However, that’s a rarity, and 98% of the time, if I’m not making eye contact, it’s cos I want the person in question to go away. If she’s not looking at you, there’s a reason. And if she’s not giving you other signals to indicate she’s interested – she’s probably not. So there you are – 5 signs she’s not interested. As I mentioned, sometimes these can mean she actually is interested, but I really wouldn’t count on it unless you see evidence to support that notion.

xx Isabella


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