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Dating Tips For Men From A Woman's Perspective

Updated on April 25, 2015

Men, Be Honest

Do you often miss opportunities to approach women in social settings due to fear of rejection?

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How to meet women in social settings:

  1. Confidence is key. If you spend all night in her line of vision, watching her every move without approaching her, why did you come to a social scene? Say hello. Eleanor Roosevelt 'No one can makeyou feel inferior without your consent.'

  2. Stop approaching the stuck up girl with a nasty spirit. You know the one who is posted up against the wall or posing all night rather than having fun. This women is not a challenge, she's a headache. I understand the thought process that men feel if they get rejected they would rather be rejected by a 10 rather than a 5. Change that mentality. The beauty of a person is more than skin deep. Yes - you need to be attracted to the person but do they need to be a runway model? Are you a runway model yourself? Okay. I'm just saying let's be realistic with our standards and learn that people are attractive even if they aren't a model for Vogue. Why would you approach a woman not laughing, having fun, or engaging people? Not good odds on a favorable response. Analyze her body language/posture: Does she look happy? Does she smile? Is she easy going when she speaks to others? How does she speak to the waitress? Is she tossing back drinks drowning problems?

  3. Approach people that carry themselves in a way that compliments your class level. If you talk to a hoochie then don't expect a Michelle Obama reaction to your approach.

  4. Check the temperature. Every woman enjoys a compliment, so compliment sparingly and sincerely. If she responds with a quick short answer then move on. You have not hurt your pride by complimenting someone. Don't continue to pursue the woman if she does not further engage you in dialogue. If you happen to meet someone else at the venue, don't give her another chance or the time of day to the woman that was short to you because if she's only interested once you moved on she's not a decent woman.

  5. Don't let others bring your mood down. As a man you can nicely let someone know that their attitude and behavior do not match. I once overheard a man tell this woman: “it's a shame that you are such a beautiful women but your attitude is so ugly.” No one validates your existence but you.

  6. Stop believing the only men women want are ballers, thugs, and bad boys. That is not true. Let me give you some men that are attractive to women and have a certain presence: Denzel Washington, Matthew McConaughey, Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, Blair Underwood, Liam Neeson........just to name a few. Men who are confident, talented/intelligent, and are their own person attracts women. While being a gentleman give a woman the understanding that your kindness is not weakness.

  7. If you buy a drink or pay for dinner don't act as if you have made an instant relationship. Wait for her to give body language or verbalize her desire for her company. If you are shy then pay for her next drink, tell her she looks incredible, and you would love to hear from her in the future and give her your business card without waiting for her response. LEAVE. By leaving you give the confidence that you are a man who moves to your own beat, aren't hung up on her, and if she calls you she does and if she doesn't, so be it. You aren't waiting for her approval/acceptance but letting her know you are interested if she's willing to engage. If she doesn't call maybe she's involved, not interested, or otherwise but you have not lost face with the gesture.

  8. Once you do the attention you want from a woman demand respect. Don't let her not show on dates and you continue to beg her to go elsewhere. Have some respect and demand it as well. If you don't have a good time on the first date there is no need for a second one. Remember, impressions are a two way street.

  9. If the venue is large enough, make a few connections and leave. Never stay until the lights come on or try to connect with 10 women in one night. If you connect with too many people you won't even remember who was who. In a venue of 30-40, there is nothing wrong with 2 connections. In a sea of 500 people you can connect with 4-5 people. Do not connect with more than one woman in a group of friends. Do not socialize in one part of the venue, move around to expose yourself to another group of people. When you need to make a break from a person, after having a 15 minute max conversation, and prepare to excuse yourself. Tell her that it was nice meeting her and you look forward to talking to her in the future, exchange numbers, and tell her goodnight. (By telling her goodnight it is creating a break and letting her know that you will not be back because you won't.) Go to the bathroom, regroup, put notes next to her phone number to remember who she was. Freshen up and make sure you look fantastic. Take a good 5-10 minutes to get yourself together. Now re-emerge in the social scene on the other side of the room and continue socializing for another connection.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

J Timberlake

#10 -Travel With Your Own Theme Music In Your Head

10. Hear theme music in your head that make you feel like a millon dollars. A song that lifts your spirit and makes you feel and give great energy when encountering others. This will decrease your nervousness and make you feel smooth. Now go! Game on!

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ft. T.I.,

Pharrell R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix) (Official Video)

Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body


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