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Dating Younger men

Updated on August 21, 2013

Age is just A number

I am a older woman who was bless with the face of a much younger woman.l excise daily eat healthy food-and stay busy.

My friends says I'm crazy because of all the years I worked, I needed to relax. When I started dating younger men,my friends told me to act my age and stop robbing the cradle. I find it exciting and intruding at my age to be able to date men younger, than I am. Most of my friends lives consist of getting together once a week swapping coupons, baking cookies, and taking care of their grandchildren,with nothing else to offer..

Their duties of being women has left them and the energy of living life is gone. I call them a bunch of pitiful old ladies who, should be out enjoying life. I am asked question about how I feel if one of my sons dated older women?I raised my sons well enough to believe in there judgement , when it comes to dating older woman.

When older men dates a younger woman it's all good but when a older women dates a younger men it's a sin to society. My first encounter with a younger man was exciting and nice, we met on line. He was surprise to see I look exactly like I betrayed myself. Some women lie about what they look like he said, so do guys, we both laughed.

I told him if he felt embarrass to be with me we could call the date off explain after he meet me if he thought that I really was to old for him. He smile smiled telling me I was what he was hopping for.

Why you want to date an older woman I ask him? Well you are more mature than any of the young girls I date, they are all about themselves and playing games.Mature women are real they knows what life is about.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      I date younger men because it's exciting and fun.To me age is just a number.