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How to Date a Cougar Woman

Updated on February 10, 2018
Sheryl Willetts profile image

Sheryl, a Transformational Therapist with qualifications in all areas of beauty, specialises in working with women from the inside out.


Give it whatever name or title takes your fancy and imagination, the fact is that this simply irresistible lady is out there and men of all ages know it. Time stands still, as it appears that agelessness has provided a new lease on life for this woman! Or at least when it comes to her stamina and enthusiastic energy. We are about to explore the depths of a very global controversial topic. “Dating the Cougar or mature aged woman”... This is a lady that most men long to experience at least once in their life. Her curves, along with the magnetic energy field of this beautiful mature aged woman would render a man defenceless with one look. He becomes in awe and captivated by her! The instincts within man, senses her frequency pulsating outward, she is the ultimate goddess to the younger inexperienced man. Socially accepted is the mature aged man or charmer who captives and lures the younger woman. With the turning of the times, it would appear that his counterpart female has come out to play. It is the rise of the “Phoenix rising female from the ashes,” powerful, passionate and sensually provocative. Guys, once you have made love to this woman you will never be the same.

What defines a woman as a Cougar?

She is more adventurous and free spirited! If we take a look at the Cougar cat who is referred to by varies different names, so too does the Cougar woman possess many different facets to her. The Cougar woman is beautiful, confident, fit and has an enthusiasm far greater than that of men her own age, which is why she generally doesn’t date them. Typically this woman is known for her age to range anything from late 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s even into her 60’s. The age difference between herself and her younger man usually falls somewhere between 10 years to 20 years. Many woman of this stature are just naturally attracted to younger men, while for others it is quite the other way around, the younger man seeks her out, or he is simply attracted to her undefinably beautiful features. Whatever the reason, you can be certain that if there is a connection between the two, the scene is set for some pleasurable, passionate encounter. Need I say more here!


She isn’t afraid to communicate, just how it is!

The younger man will know exactly where he stands with the Cougar woman. She isn’t afraid to express herself, or feel the need to place boundaries, as she has zero tolerance for being mistreated. Guys, be aware, she has many years of experience that has shown her a lot about the charming aspects of a man and she doesn’t fall for it! Her predecessors and male acquaintances over the years, have taught her well. The knowledge and lessons that she possesses may also have come from a previously failed marriage or two. She is very aware of how games are played and has no interest in partaking in them, she is however up for a playful, fun filled time! Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have her right where you want her, she is intuitive and always many steps ahead of you, seeing right through you. She may allow you to think that you are in control, when on the contrary, it is the other way around. If you are open and honest with her, respecting the above mentioned, you are in for the most memorable experience of your life with this lady.


She has confidence and sensual prowess.

Once you have encountered a Cougar, you will be hard pressed to find a better lover or teacher. She possesses confidence, knowledge and wisdom beyond her years. This comes from learning from her varied different partners over time. She knows how to be dominant and submissive within the relationship, which is quite stimulating for her partner. The Cougar woman is spontaneous and comfortable within her own skin and is quite at ease being up close and personal with her younger lover. This woman will indicate what she wants from the relationship, and will openly share her needs and desires with her man.

Why date a cougar woman?

It’s all about attraction and connection. Younger men or at least most of them find the older woman a far superior lover to the girls of their own age due to experience and maturity. There isn’t any pressure to perform, it’s purely pleasurable to enter into a relationship with a Cougar as she is without any delusions of marriage or starting a family. Some younger men find the older woman much more stimulating to talk to and simply enjoy their company. It’s somewhat flattering for a younger male to have an incredibly beautiful lady beyond his years find him so desirable! Of course, it’s vice versa. The young spirited Cougar woman finds her younger man to be the perfect companion for her as he is often void of the responsibilities of the ex wife syndrome. Cougar ladies love their freedom, which is why they find the younger man more adaptable and comfortable in a less convention relationship. Their younger partner is willing to learn and experiment, along with having fun, exploring, and above all, he has the stamina to keep up with her. This allows for no pressure or expectation on either, full stop.

How to meet a Cougar Woman?

There is no particular way to meet a Cougar lady, as they don’t have a designated meeting place or “hang out”. There are however casual dating sites on the internet and certain sites that are specific to connecting with a Cougar woman. If you do decide to connect with this lady, be aware guys, making the first point of contact and engaging in a conversation with the older woman is very different to the girls closer to your own age. They command respect and maturity and will be quick to disengage in the conversation if they feel that it isn’t present. The most common places to connect with a Cougar woman is through your work place, local gym or shopping at the same health food store. They like to invest in keeping in great shape and engaging in the practices that promote good health within the mind, body and spirit. With following old fashioned traditions, it may simply come down to destiny meeting this lady.


You Should Date a Cougar.

© 2018 Sheryl Willetts


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      11 months ago

      When I was in my early 20s I dated several women who would be classified as "cougars" today. They were in their 30s and 40s at the time. Almost of them I met in nightclubs or dance clubs.

      Most of them had already been married and divorced and therefore were not looking for the "fairytale" anymore.

      They relished their newfound freedom and independence!

      In addition they had sex whenever they wanted to and didn't see it as a "tool" to manipulate a man into behaving a certain way or in hopes of garnering a commitment.

      Most "cougars" are at a place where they're dating for "now" and having "fun" as opposed to having a "hidden agenda".

      Since most guys in their early 20s aren't looking to settle down dating a "cougar" who is independent, confident, and sexually liberated makes this a wonderful paring.

      As long as they don't dissolve into a parent/child relationship this could be a fun and enjoyable experience for both of them.

      Oftentimes it's women who have a problem dating younger men. However as was with my case they were already in the nightclubs dancing and drinking so it was more of atmosphere designed for "hooking up".

      Some older women are still hoping to find love and marriage again. Those looking for "love" are often insecure and worry about the younger man eventually going after women his own age.

      After all in many instances she's seen older men (her age) go after younger women. She can't imagine why a younger man would want to be with her. The best "cougars" to date are those women who are just out to have FUN.

      These are the type who if they sense a young guy is getting too serious they'll redirect him or explain to him eventually he may want to get married, have children...etc and she'll tell him she's been there and done that. Just enjoy right NOW.

      Online dating sites and apps is probably another great way for people of different age groups to meet as well.

      I would avoid the "workplace". Since most relationships end in breakups you don't want to date anyone at work regardless of their age. Once a relationship ends it's sometimes tough to coexist. Finding a new job you love is much harder than finding someone new date.


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