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4 Reasons why you Should Consider Dating that Single Parent.

Updated on January 25, 2015

Being a single parent can at times be a frustrating thing especially in the dating scene, many people often grow cold feet when it comes to dating a single parent. They get worried that their children may not warm up to their new dates and if at all their children are safe in the hands of them. Research I indicates that there has been an increase of single parent family world over for example in Canada the last census (2011) indicates the numbers at 16.43 per cent of the whole population. In the US the figure stood at 12.3 million households by 2012. The rise in divorce rates has only worsened the situation. Single parent families have often been associated with a lot of negative things; low incomes and high poverty levels, limited access to quality education and health care, just to name a few.

Many potential dates are skeptical about getting into serious relationships for reasons ranging from; single mothers’ are just out to find some sort of leverage for the status or perhaps just looking for a father figure for the children and not mentioning the possibility of an overbearing ex-spouse who wouldn’t just let go and leave you in peace. However much this could bear some truth in it, it is worth noting that every single parent wants the best for their children and many are working so hard to give them just that.

Well here is why you should consider dating that single parent.

Would date a single parent?

Or would you scoot over at the mention of the fact of single parenthood? Recently divorced/separated parents find it very difficult re-entering the dating scenes. Single parents have to be extra careful in choosing dates, for they could fall into the hands of sex offenders and pedophiles just coming to harm the children. Well there is a brighter side to dating a single parent! It starts by acknowledging the fact that one is a single parent because hiding will do much more harm in the long run. There are several challenges of dating single parents: the shadow of the ex could still be hovering around, who will be taking care of the kids when s/he is away on a date and would s/he be taking too much away from the kids? Most importantly single parents worry much more about when to introduce the kids.

1. Single parents are responsible.

Most single parent are mature people, they are either mature by age for instance in the case of a divorced single parent. Or they are simple mature by way of the experiences that they have gone through. This demystifies the worry that dating a single parent ushers you into an instant family situation like you just won a lottery! Since the single parent is everything to the children they are expected to go the extra mile and be just that. They know what is best for them and the kids too.

2. No time for running about playing games.

Single parents are quite clear on what they want, they are less likely to play games since they would not wish to put the kids in jeopardy by drama after drama. The fact of having kids inculcates such traits as of patient, resilience, flexibility and the ability to accommodate another person's views all in the best interest of a long lasting relationship. As much as there are different routes into single parenthood, the life lessons almost cut across the board for most of them. This has a direct influence on how they interact and relate with people and are much more cautious and do not rush.

3. tick-tick No clocks ticking.
Single parents are in most cases done having kids,especially for the single moms who are well past child bearing age bracket and there are no pressures exerted by ticking biological clocks. This contrasts by a huge margin for the people dating younger women whose clocks are ticking day by day.

4. fill in mom/dad vacuum?
This has always formed the biggest fear in the minds of potential dates for the single parents. Many fear that the single parent is simply hunting for a replacement of the missing mom/dad. The fact is that the kids have their mom/dad; as a matter of fact two parents who have all the responsibilities well sorted out. What remains for you is to concentrate on what the relation has in store for you and the single mom/dad you are planning to date.


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    • kevin adera profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Nairobi

      i couldn't agree more with you, at end of it all it remains a personal decision and honesty is key right from the onset

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      Kevin, Generally speaking during a first date or prior to agreeing to go out people mention their most recent relationship status and whether or not they have children. There's no need to for them to have a tag hanging from their ears. Being transparent and honest is just as good.

      Personally speaking I've dated several single mothers in the past. Odds are the older someone becomes the less likely they're going to meet people in their age range (30s and beyond) who has never had children.

      Having said that I see nothing wrong with someone who has a preference of not becoming involved with someone who has children no more than a woman who refuses to date shorter men or a man that does not want to date overweight women. Everyone is entitled to have their own "must haves" list! :)

    • kevin adera profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Nairobi

      I sure do agree with your sentiments, dashingscorpio the planet indeed has lots of single people without children and i can imagine the single ones without children exceed those with children. But how will you know the got children right from the first minute you notice each other? Its not like there is a tag hanging from the ears "am single with three kids at home, you wanna try me?" Fair enough even them need company.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      There is nothing wrong with dating a wonderful person (who happens to be) a single parent. Nevertheless if you're not looking to proactively seek out single parents there is nothing wrong with that either.

      A planet that has over 7 Billion people on it is likely to have lots of single people without children who: are responsible, not running about playing games, No clocks ticking because they have no desire to be a parent, and you don't have to deal with exes who are a permanent part of their life. :)


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