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Dating a Rich WASP Man

Updated on September 3, 2013

Good Things About Dating a WASP

The good things about dating one is that he may be one of the forward thinking variety. Many of them are. They would not want to be behind in their thinking. He could have been brought up by a mother that was in business and taught him to respect women. He would have been told that women have just as many rights in the workplace and are just as bright.

The conservative males that are WASPs are considered to be very likely to support women's lib. It is helpful to them in that then they will really have someone to talk to. They like the idea of women being liberated. It is no threat to them.

It might just be a good idea not to try to debate him on different topics all at once. He will probably be pleased that you are able to converse with him and to understand what he is talking about. It would be a big relief to him. They may be frightened of encountering someone with little or no education in the fine arts.

Politics could be a favorite subject for him. If you are interested in him, it might be better not to plunge into different political ideas. He could be much more conservative than you might like. That does not mean that you could not discuss anything with him. It just might be a good idea to wait until you know each other better. He will probably bring it up if he is interested in it.

If you do need to find out right away, you can go ahead. Rich people are very likely to be Republicans but he may not be. He could have gone on his own way also. He might like to hear another opinion.

The other good news is that he may, very probably, want to get married sometime in the near future. They are usually conservative. They won't usually want to do a lot of different things that could be considered too far out.

The WASP Agenda

WASP means white Anglo Saxon protestant. It can be meant as an insult to some. It describes a person that is white and with a background that is probably from England. The person is probably fairly rich and conservative in their views. They have a history that they are proud of.

This man is looking for a woman that he can talk to and that can keep up with him. He wants someone that can fit into his lifestyle. It is okay if you have had other boyfriends before. He just would probably be upset if he found out that you had been sleeping around.

Then he is looking for the mother of his children. This is very important to him. To the conservative ones, it is important that you are also the same in your views. You may be surprised to find out how conservative some men really are. They may say a lot of things in public, but at other times they can have more conservative views.

They want to be able to show their wife off. The woman should look good and be fashionable. He has good clothes and he wants his girlfriend to look good also. When they go out, he wants both of them to be dressed up for hitting the town.

The woman should have good social skills. He assumes that you have your own friends. He wants you to get along with the social set that he has. Radical ideas could upset him. He has his friends and wants to keep things as they are. Friends can be important to them. Friends could also include other women that may be just friends.

It is a good idea to know about literature and the classics. He expects his wife to know all about the different books. Knowing about history and other subjects would be of immense benefit. If you have gone to a good college, then so much the better.

It might be a good idea to brush up on your etiquette books. He will expect you to know all about what is right and wrong to do everywhere.

Beautiful Anna Sui Dress

This is from a recent collection. It has a look of the past.
This is from a recent collection. It has a look of the past. | Source

Why Date a WASP?

The name can be confusing. It usually stands for someone with money also but it does not have to be. Other people that are white use the term fort themselves also. The name itself spells status. It can also stand for a name that is less than flattering. I don't think they mind being called that. There was a joke book out about being a WASP before. The truth is that many women would like to date or marry them. They are people that can have everything that they want in life. The name usually means that they are fairly rich.

If you want to date a WASP that is not wealthy you can do that. If you want one that has more money you can start to look in places that they might go to. That should put you in contact with some of them. There are charity events in places such as New York City that everyone can attend. You can also look at the latest restaurants to dine in. They can also be at the same restaurants that are always in style for the rich.

"How to Marry a Millionaire" Movie Screenshot

Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Hutton in  "How to Marry a Millionaire." Note the elegant, subtle outfits.
Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Hutton in "How to Marry a Millionaire." Note the elegant, subtle outfits. | Source

Good Movies to Watch

In "Gone With the Wind" Scarlet O'Hara is in love with Ashley Wilkes. But it does not work out well. Ashley decides to marry his cousin Melanie, even though he likes Scarlet. Melanie is the one that is right for him. Ashley Wilkes likes things as they are in the South. Scarlet cannot understand it. Later she meets Rhett Butler. He is not as conservative as Ashley is. Rhett Butler likes her but she does not like him then. The two men are both WASPs. It does take place in the South in the US so it is different for their manners.

In "Bridget Jones" and "The Edge of Reason" Bridget Jones has a probable WASP or perhaps two to deal with also. She begins to date the lawyer and is amazed at his conservative viewpoints. It is a good idea to look at what is happening in the movie. They have quite a few disagreements.

"How to Marry a Millionaire" is a Marilyn Monroe classic movie. In it there are three women that set out to marry rich husbands. Marilyn finds one also in the movie. She wears her glasses in it. Glasses can be worn with them. Her future husband liked them and they got married. It is a good movie to watch for someone interested in marrying someone rich. They realized they should live like the rich in order to marry one. They also wanted to dress nicely.

How these movies will affect you and your views depends on how conservative you are also. A conservative man may be a good idea for you if you are conservative also. Otherwise, it is something that you need to allow for. That is if you like him and want to marry him. You don't have to of course.

Conservative Dress

A WASP man is used to seeing the best of fashion. His mother and female relatives were probably dressed to the nines all the time. That goes for everyone in his social set. It could be difficult to keep up with if you are not rich also. But nowadays a lot of fashion is available that can look good.

The truth is that he will find a covered up look to be more appealing. That way he can't see everything. It is a better look that way to get him to be interested in you.

He may be more conservative in his ideas about female dresses than other men. Even if he says he likes something, it may not be all the truth to it. He more than likely will want a nice, conservative look for women he goes out with.

Your hair should be in good condition. You don't want to have bleached hair with roots showing. You should not have any loud colored dyes on your hair. It might work at first but probably not to the end.

Don't wear a lot of bright makeup that stands out too much. Fun nail polish could be worn. Wearing black nail polish might not be such a good idea. The makeup should all blend in. It should just make you look prettier.

That is not to say that you can't get his attention at first and in the meantime with sometimes wearing outfits that could catch his eye. It just needs to look like something that is fashionable and becoming. He would not want someone that really looked cheap or too available. He wants you to be relating to him. It is similar to what all men do really. But he will be very shocked with other types of clothing that is not something that he is used to seeing. It is better not to go too far.

Pink Diamond


The Right Clothes

Wearing the right clothes can be very important. The first impression that he gets of you will last. It should be a good first look at you. You want to stand out in his mind as being a good looking woman. Otherwise, if you are not dressed up it looks as if you don't care.

Everyone does not have designer clothes but you can still look nice. The rich men can be used to designer clothing. It can be a lot to live up to. Still there are rich men that marry women that are not rich. Mr. Rockefeller married his children's Swedish nanny.

Lovely Ralph Lauren Dresses


Yves St Laurent


How to Marry a Millionaire

Dresses That Could Be Too Much

These dresses could be a bit too much for conservative guys. That could really be true if all of the heads turn. They are designer dresses though. He could be proud of her having such exotic taste. Some of the designer clothes aren't really meant to be worn all together as they are shown. It would be up to your own ideas for what to wear. You can get an idea of what is going on by the reactions to your clothes. You can always tone the look down.

Even if it seems okay to you, it could be trouble. The more outlandish it gets, the more he could worry about your taste. He would not want to worry the family about it. If he really cared about you, he will probably just say something.

The Versace line can be too much for many conservative people. It can be purposely meant to shock people. The black number with the cutouts could be good to get his attention. You just don't want it to be attention in a bad sense of the word.

A lot of the designer fashion that is different can be worn. It just needs to be worn in the right way. You need to do it wearing it in confidence. It can be worn in the right way. Make it your own look.

For some bachelors you may need to go the other way. The usual designers could not be trendy enough. They may want someone that is right on top of all of the latest fashion. You can still tune it down a bit for them.

Anna Sui Dresses

These dresses may be a bit too much for conservative guys. It could be okay. It depends on the person.
These dresses may be a bit too much for conservative guys. It could be okay. It depends on the person. | Source

Anna Sui Dress


Versace Dress


Marry a Millionaire

Getting His Attention

The things that could get a guy's attention could vary. All guys are different. Hats could get his attention. But you don't want to do anything that could seem to be a desperate attempt for attention. It isn't good to stand out too much from the crowd. The other thing is that I have read that you are not supposed to wear hats inside as some women or people do. Nice hair clips are supposed to get their attention. It all does make a difference.

Other things that could get his attention are nice scarves that have different designs. Good jewelry would show you can accessorize your clothing. Nice shoes can make the outfit. People do look at shoes. You want to also impress the girls and women in his social set. That could be a good idea.

This could be done by wearing something really nice like a dress for the day you see him. But it also could be done by jeans if they look nice. Don't wear any jeans that are too tight. You don't really need to overdo it. You don't want to look as if you are trying too hard.

Wear a perfume that is interesting. He probably knows all about the perfume. That is especially if he is older. Cleopatra used to use orange blossoms.

You could bring a book or something else that you are interested in. Guys are supposed to be fascinated by computers and these guys are no exception to the rule. Look up some interesting sites and do your work. Look as if you are really interested in what you are doing.

If he talks to you, you can start talking about things that interest you or might interest him. Don't start asking him too nosy questions so he may wonder what is going on. Everyone probably asks him about his college and job. Try to hit on something that could be different.

It might be better not to tease this type of guy. They may not have the same sense of humor as some others. You don't want to make a bad impression. Follow good manners always. You can have a discussion but don't argue too much. By all means don't swear. Even if someone else is doing it, the idea is that ladies don't swear.

Don't get all overly excited when your drink comes. You can be high spirited. That would be good actually. If you just sit there like a lump on a log probably nothing will happen.

If you are in tune with things you probably have the idea about how to do things already. You can already have the sense of what to do. Go with your instinct. If one doesn't turn out well, there are others around.

Would you like to marry a WASP?

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