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Dating After Breakup

Updated on October 3, 2020

You may have a proud history in terms of dating but you have to be careful while rejoining the dating scene. Things can change in a dramatic way in time span of a few months. So be patient and don't get discouraged if things are not seemed to be working out.

Get real

  • No matter, how long you have been in a relation or how you met your ex, you are in an unchartered territory again and you have to be careful to survive romantically.
  • Manage your expectations. If you are trying to have a relationship, you have to think rationally. You need to be less choosy and date people who are more compatible to you economically, romantically and (for superficial people) physically.
  • If you are a millionaire or a sportsman or you have got good muscular built body, your chances of getting a date are exponentially higher.( sorry that's how world works)
  • Start respecting yourself. The respect and admiration you gain from others is, in a way, reflection of your self-respect. If you are mentally, physically and emotionally respectful to yourself, people around you will respond in a positive manner and will follow the positive vibes. So think positively and your dates will surprise you.
  • You may have got out of a long term relationship, then you would have totally lost the ability to do something called flirting. In dating flirting is 'heart and soul' of romance.
  • You may wonder what is flirting? In simpler terms you have to pass light-hearted, fun comments on your date's looks, manners, dressing and every noticeable thing ( you would be surprised to yields benefits of nicely done flirting.
  • Perfect date don't exist. Yes, really. Instead of trying to have a perfect date, choose the place where you are most comfortable and instead of setting and menu, pay attention to the person you are dating. They are there to meet you and enjoy your company not the expensive caviar.
  • No matter how a date ends, don't get dis-hearted. There are thousands of single people out there, you will get someone eventually.
  • Remember, don't rush yourself. There is no need to settle with someone incompatible.
  • You are not in a race with your ex. Move at your own pace.

Never ever on first (any) date

  • There are certain things that are always a firm no to do on any date
  • Your date is in front of you and expecting some heartful gestures, some cheeky remarks or some beautifully crafted sentences full of signals. but you are going on and on about yourself and your achievements. That's a big no.
  • It's natural to bitch about your ex but believe me, your date is the last person on earth who would want to listen about your past relations. The more you mention your ex the lesser chances you are giving in present date.
  • You may be a player in bed and yes, your ex will swear you are telling the truth. But its not a topic you wanna discus on first date. Instead, discussing these details may make your date shorter and awkward.
  • Even if you are close to your family or still living with your mom. Never discus it in first date. First dates are about getting to know the person in front and not about planning to meet their families.
  • Never ever discus your psychological issues on date, you are not in therapy session and all you can gain by this move is sympathy and zero chance of second date.
  • Though it's tempting, try not to blab about your other planned dates on a date. (you are not with your buddies). Your date will interpret it as a sign of lack of commitment and will not agree for second date.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 weeks ago from Chicago

      "Never ever on first (any) date"

      I would also add the following:

      Never invite a woman to "hangout".

      Make sure (she) knows it's a date! (The friendzone is for cowards)

      Don't be late.

      Don't spend the majority of your time checking your cell phone.

      Don't fart, belch, pick your nose, or any other thing that is gross.

      If you are a (man) don't assume a woman is attracted to you!

      That's right! Some women will say "yes" to the proposed date activity because it sounded like fun, they always wanted to try that restaurant, the band is her favorite group, or she had no other plans. Men and women approach dating differently.

      Men generally only ask women out who they are attracted to. At some point they (hope) to have sex with them.

      A woman will say "yes" to a date with a guy she has NO romantic interest in and would never would dream of having sex with him!


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