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Dating an older men,is it a sin?

Updated on August 2, 2016

Is it a sin to date an older men?i don't think it is such a bad thing its all about love.They say age is just a number right and i believe that's correct.I am a believer for Love people deserve to be loved and love back,Relationships it's all about trust and understanding.If your older guy loves,respects and understand you who are we to judge you,love comes in a different way after all and we won't all find it in the same places.

People are quick to judge but yet they don't see the happiness in you,the joy your older guy brings in you.People are there to judge fine we all know that and at some point we have all been the victim for judgement.I do not say it's OK to go around dating older guys but if you love him go for it we all have one chance in life and we should use it carefully.

It's unfortunate that these days we taking advantage of it,we just doing it for fun,these days the love between two people is no longer there,if a woman is dating an older man is for money and all the material things that he can offer her.The shopping and the parties you get to go to and travelling the world and for them it's about sex and the satisfaction that comes with it.Once they are done with you they throw you in the bin and move on to the next has become a habit .The older men are called sugar daddies or blessers,how i feel sorry for the upcoming youth they are born into all of this mess that you need to date an older to get things that you need in life,what happens to that precious love that we were born into?


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