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Dating & Relationships-EMOTIONS-When Your Lady Tests You

Updated on May 18, 2012

Here's The SECRET to get HER Addicted To YOU

The way to a woman's heart is through her mind. Her emotions! And how she feels, or in other words, how YOU MAKE HER FEEL! & you can make her feel darn good......

about you.

She may even fall in love with you! & very likely too.

So please use this information wisely!


DO NOT INTENTIONALLY MESS WITH ANOTHER'S EMOTIONS for the sole benefits of 'getting what you want!'

ie: sex!

OK on with the show!

You find her interesting, she is an interesting inquisitive human animal whom fascinates you!

She finds you interesting, your sense of humour, your personality, you become interesting to her!

'It's how I treat her, as a woman, & as my lady!'

By Dale Ovenstone Updated 2012

& how do I know this? Because this, is what I practice & I preach all the time, this is what I do so well!

I make HER feel so good!

I make her feel So Special!

I give her her own space & independence when she needs it!

I show her (maturely) I won't put up with any unfair miss-behaviour from her!

I make her feel so special & so very good when she pleases me so well!

Albeit I'm in a relationship & I am loyal to my lady & I know my boundaries, & this relationship is what I chose so therefore, I chose to be loyal to the one!

So there it is, the one trick to getting her addicted to you. One day, you may even thank me, or better still, leave me a vote up at the bottom of this page, or leave a comment or even share this article with others whom would love to learn the secret to relationship bliss.

But don't go just yet, I have much more to share with you to make you become even better with, or should I say, ATTRACTIVE to, the female species!

Read on...........

For your relationship to be kept exciting & to flourish the best it possibly can, because the both of you sense that you could be long term together, thus, you create a strong bond of attraction, fondness & even attachment towards each other, an attachment so strong it bury's deeper & connects you both internally & externally over time, both physically & emotionally, right inside your very soul so two beings become one, enabling this whole persona to envelope around the core of your Mind, Body & your Spirit, enhancing your togetherness for the sole purpose of the both of you wanting, choosing, to be together!

It becomes you & it becomes her.

You know when you got 'the one!'

& they know it too.

This is so deep it makes me want to cry sometimes!

Bubble like a lady-boy who's thong had just snapped!

You create a connection with one another. You become 'one' almost. Both physical & universal!

You are on each other’s mind both night & day.

You can feel each other when your apart!

This is a strong bond!

A unison.

& there are many couples out there who have this bond so strongly between them.

& this is intentional, between the two of you, you both made it, because it takes two, to be in the same mindset, to know what you want & to do for each other what they want.

All of this is because, of one certain aspect, one trait you have engrained within yourself prior to anything else concerning your partner.....

& the trait is;


so that you can carry this knowing with you, within your relationship adventure!

Want to know more on how to achieve this? This is your 100% foolproof way to getting exactly what you require within any relationship! When you finish reading this article, YOU MUST STUDY THIS INFORMATION, Follow this link:

But hear this

To keep the attraction spark ignited towards creating a good wholesome ongoing relationship for excitement, success & sexual sparkle & fun, a mixture of emotions rule hands down! There’s just no getting away from it.

& this is how you are going to get her 'to feel soooo good' about you!

A mixture of emotions rule hands down!

In fact, you could say 'it's a roller-coaster of emotions that will make your relationship more exciting!'

Cruel you may say, but just you hold on there Einstein, hear what I have to say before you go jumping the gun!

Emotions are how we respond & feel about ourselves…our feelings!

Emotions are how we respond & feel about others.

Emotions make the world go around!

Emotions create, cause & fuel our.....

wait for it.

Our moods..... YIPPEE!

Emotions can be a two way affair!

Emotions can either create attraction, within others, or.......

emotions can cause a repellent towards another!

You choose!

Emotions can sometimes be perceived as a 'playful way to cause a reaction of 'NOTICE ME BABY, curiosity, fun or even sexual attention & excitement.' Positive!

Emotions, how you act & how you react, can even have the opposite, nasty, intention, effect towards another person! Negative!

So what do I mean by all this ‘emotion’ talk?

‘Emotion talk’ is different. Don’t get this mixed up with ‘mind games’ mind games are nasty & manipulative & are mainly delivered through bad intentions of either mistrust, hurt or hate, or anger, they are dangerous & are sick & are very un-necessary & only intended for the IMMATURE personal point of view because of past hurt experiences form a lost love or two.

This type of negative emotional mind damage does not belong to this here article so please refrain from even mentioning it ever again. Thank you reader!

Anyway, back to helping you become a better man for yourself, so that you can become a better man for your dear lady.

Here’s an example of one kind of emotion…..

The wrong kind.......

…there you are the both of you, you been going out together for a little while now, or heavens above, even quite a while, loving each other, you show LOADS of affection towards your lady, in the sweetest kindest way possible,& showing nothing but sweet affection!

All loved up & gooey eyed & always agreeable with her & her opinions, & her needs & demands!

Maybe, heavens forbid, as to keep her happy & sweet, so not to upset her, cos you don't want to lose her, & you want to keep things running smoothly because the relationship is going just fine! As it is in your eyes anyway! & many loved up guys are renowned for this type of behaviour. Just because she's so gorgeous & sexy & it’s so obvious to both yourselves & anyone else around, that she can have any other guy she chooses because of her feminine sexuality, & everyone knows how much you dig & feel for her.

But stop right there!

This kind of behaviour, this 'idolisation of this beautiful sexy lady' is one sure fire way to lose your own 'dominant' (or should I say 'APPEALING' alpha, leadership qualities of MANHOOD) within your relationship.

& behind closed doors, there is another problem with this kind of behaviour antway, and that is…..

in her eyes, sexual attraction can soon be lost!

Yep, you read that one right! Do you want to read it again just to make sure?

Your partner could even stop fancying you for a while!

And this not only applies to some guys whose lady IS ALWAYS LOVEY DOVEY, but more so….

Especially for the woman!

She could automatically lose some, or even more, attraction for you.....

And its not even her fault.

You made her do it!

The loss of sexual attraction just happens & she can't even explain why.

She don't fancy you no more geezer!

Remember what I said earlier in this article: It's how you make her feel & we'll be getting onto that nifty little relationship titbit shortly so if you want to go get yourself a glass of beer then come back & read the rest of this article, please do so because what I have to share with you today is very very important & you don't want to miss this gem!

For women to stay interested in you, the guy, her emotions rule the attraction factor…they are paramount, & that’s just the way it is.

Emotions are how she feels, & how she feels for you.....

even though, you would love things running just smoothly, a nice easy ride, it's just not the same for her!

No way!

She could become bored!

Emotions are HOW YOU MAKE HER FEEL about you.

You know, you’ve heard of the sweet guy always bending over backwards for her, at her every whim & call, & agreeable with everything she says and does, it may be ok for her to go out with her friends or go on holidays without you but she complains if you would like to do the same, but that type of guy, no matter how nice he is, how handsome, just can’t seem to keep his lady interested for too long.

He's fed her too much rope! He's given her too much leeway! He has taken a back seat in the relationship & lost his challenging ways.

Get ready for this, this may kick you right in the gonads!

Dare I say it?

Has he become the lady (submissive) in the relationship because she has forced herself to become the man (dominant & leading)

All because of her beauty & sexiness & he would bawl like a baby if she should ever leave because he has GIVEN IN TO HER!

Get a grip man! Get back to your manhood will you!

Then you may have heard of the opposite type of man.......

a real man.....

a man that causes conflict with emotional interest & female psychological inspiration because he's just not afraid to upset her, afraid to upset the apple-cart, the smooth running of the relationship, when, he feels & he knows, she is in the wrong.

HE KNOWS HE IS A MAN because he knows what the role of a man entails, & he understands SHE IS A WOMAN & women have needs & expectations but sometimes they may push (as do guys too) a little unfairly, over the top!

& this guy, the real man, could possibly be.......

The Real Man SHE FIRST MET & STARTED DATING in the very first place!

But back to this emotional conflict of a challenging behaviour! This emotional conflict can be quite upsetting at times for her, maybe even just a little dangerous in an emotional sense, but other times, can be quite emotionally exciting for the lady too, very very exciting, quite unpredictable to her, but only to a certain point.

For us guys, give us a sexy lady with a pretty face, a curvy body, a beautiful smile & who loves to give us massages cook us a nice meal run her fingers through our hair & call us lovey dovey names etc & we’re in our elements!

Where on cloud nine.

Well I am anyway!

But for the majority of courting couples, especially women, this emotional attitude of gooey eyed love can become a little sickly, stale & definitely too boring after a while!

Even if she tells you otherwise!

She wants more excitement!

What then tends to happen when she doesn't get this excitement is, one partner, mainly the woman, will create an emotional conflict, (but don't get this emotional conflict mistaken as a 'mood') which will then decide on one of two outcomes.

(Incidentally, surely, a mood or two may come from the outcome of this emotional conflict but these moods, with careful handling & explanation, can mainly be resolved to your favour.)

This emotional conflict she causes, is for a reason......

& can be created because of a few un-certainties, within the mind of the dliverer, (the lady in this instance) some un-certainties mainly being....

she has noticed something changed about you, or she is 'trying' you, because you may be losing your man qualities (or they are slacking, because you are not paying her the attention you used to)

& she is vying for your attention! Meaning in her mind, she is the only one that matters to you, & this is her way of showing you she is still special despite what you think & if you are not interested she knows others could be!

She wants that sparkling excitement back in her life from the outcome of her emotions, & she wants you to notice her!

Which (should) causes sexual attraction from you, towards her, (but be wary because this emotional conflict can be either delivered by her, or responded by you, in an 'overly' emotionally dangerous way)

It could also be because, this is her way she is showing you her worth as a woman, that she has an opinion of her own & a choice too.

She needs to feel APPRECIATED!

Because right now, she may feel you are slacking in your relationship & lacking within some of the emotional elements that keep it exciting for her (& you too).

& the final outcome will be for her to judge the type of person you are by how you respond to that conflict, & handle the situation arising from it that she has placed in front of you.

The final outcome will be...

......HOW SHE FEELS 'EMOTIONALLY'. (Or, how you make her feel.)

And if you play your cards right......

......Your reactions & the way you respond to her conflict will either create instant attraction into her, & maybe notch up your personal man hood qualities & alpha value as 'THE MAN' (your natural & innate dominance & taking the leading role) within the relationship once again, or your reaction & the way you handle the situation may even become 'a repellent to her!'

Then she may start looking for, mulling over, & thinking the bad things in you, instead of looking for the goodness in you.


the one who causes the conflict first are looking for a change from the current routine of the relationship....

even if for an instant, they are looking for recognition as a woman & her role in society as well as her relationship with you, she needs to be valued by you as you are her partner & she needs to be emotionally stimulated, excited, whilst hoping to spice things up once again!

Emotional fun & sexuality is lacking & is now needed!

Remember, a man's identity & responsibility is to take the lead & a ladies trait (with agreement) is to follow & become led by the man!

Or maybe you can't see it but your lady feels you are taking her for granted a tad...

This happens al the time, she does it to you, you do it to her....

& it does happen, as some guys tend to do, & you have stopped noticing her, showing her she's special, a sexual creature & she suspects you feel that you don't still fancy her like crazy as you used to.....

but your not paying her attention & making her feel special & appreciated the way she should feel inside.....

she needs to know she is the only one in the world....

& this is YOUR JOB to do this....

& an emotional conflict conjured up & delivered is her way to prove, or to demonstrate, to you....

her very own woman hood, worth & power that you are neglecting, that you once noticed, shooting it right back to you!

To do this, she must really love you you know!

She could even portray this kind of behaviour, almost flirting, in front of other men just to create a reaction from you, but it is more than likely she is doing this to grab YOUR attention, not there's.....

So don't get all sore about it.

Man up & take notice & deal with it maturely & responsibly!

Mature & responsibility will give you amazing attraction & alpha points in her eyes....

immature emotional responses from you, towards her emotional conflicts, really will sort the men out from the boys!

& you will lose in the long run so drop your ego of mood attitude & deal with the situation maturely!

But constant flirting with other men whilst she's around you (or not) could mean she just loves the attention of sexual excitement from others......

or maybe......

she, or you, because you are in a relationship together, are not really ready for each other after all.

& besides, It's disrespectful towards your partner if you flirt like this anyway.....

& me personally, I wouldn't put up with it & so shouldn't you either.

But whatever the reasons she creates an emotional conflict to cause a reaction from you, she needs a change of routine & some excitement back in her life!

So, are you up for the challenge or do you want to give up on this one & move onto the next?

The choice really is, YOURS! So make your mind up right now!

Come on guys, were all human animals you know.

Here are the two usual choices from the lovey dovey gooey eyed emotions already mentioned above.

1 your partner will start going out more often & doing stuff without you, & would prefer to not see you as much as she used to, maybe to search for the buzz & excitement that is missing from the relationship. (Or even look towards another for that excitement) Or they may even finish the relationship all together because they can see no other way out as it is too boring (or stuck) the way it is.


2 she will create an emotional conflict, which thus causes the other partner (you) to react one way or another!

Yes a reaction is required AND if you love your girl, you got to know how to handle it correctly to keep her respectful towards you as a man.

But in a way, an emotional conflict, of the right kind, delivered by your partner, could be what is required to sparkle up your relationship anyway, THIS IS A SIGN!

(don't forget, your relationship is like an emotional roller coaster) & for you to re-enforce your manhood once again; this may be a sign from above, a message from her feelings so deep-a communication of truth on a subconscious level of the female kind. This is what has to be known to us guys as…….

a TEST…..

….even if the lady doesn’t know she’s testing you as such (or even why)!

Testing like this keeps us on our toes within our relationship & shows us the interest our lady still has in us & that she still wants you to know she has opinions too.....

& she has rights & her own personal points of view!


By you, & by others too!

But unfortunately…..

Some guys (& women) handle emotional tests quite badly....

by responding the wrong way!

By responding in the same way as she delivers the conflict means, she has a mood on you & blows up, & you mirror her very moody actions right back to her.

You know, soooo immaturely!

And that sucks!

Boy, grow up will you!

Also, some of the tests delivered by her, (notice me notice me) because they don't even make sense to you, are absolutely 'unnecessary' in your eyes, what so ever, & could cause even greater emotional implications! (If you deal with them wrong!)


that go way over the top, for any man (or woman) to handle!

But alas……

……depending on the outcome of method 2 above will decipher whether or not the spark of attraction for both you & your partner, will reignite burning white hot & smoking even stronger than before…..

Because you handled the conflict maturely not gave in to her unnecessary expectations (but remember, love is a game of give & take & you must be FAIR!)

….. or if you respond badly to the emotional conflict, or quite not as expected as what was expected of you from your partner, get ready to try to justify to her why it all went wrong or, as the worst case scenario, she will blow this up out of all proportion & make a mighty big thing of this, so prepare to become single once again & kiss your sweet ‘relationship’ a**e goodbye!

Even if it is for a short while!

But for some folk’s emotional conflicts, they can go way too far.

Way way too far & over the top!

They set the target of testing the others emotion way way too high thus, creating un-necessary heartache & confusion in the long run!

For either one of you, or dare I say it, even the both of you even though this outcome was not what they were after after all!

Yep, that’s right, what once started out as method for her (or him) to create some emotional conflict to reignite the relationship with excitement & recognition because they feel you are neglecting them....

when it goes all wrong, because you handled it not quite as expected as what they expected you should have handled it, this may cause arguments & you may both finish.

Even though this is not what any of you wanted in the first place….

And that REALLY sucks!

It really does.

So what happens next?

Of course, the egos kick in!

You know, that voice inside your head that tells you how great you are, the voice THAT could even be NEGATIVE & always looking for the badness in things (& the bad in her) (never the good. Because your ego is hurt) then the arguments start & then you get nowhere at all.

But if you’re lucky, you could both see sense & make up & become even stronger than ever before…..

Or, for the unfortunate few…your ego calls the shots all day long, the others ego responds to yours as such, (like attracts like, but only on a subconscious level-OR you can chose for like to attract like as in the example here, whereas, your ego responds to theirs) & you call it quits & finish the relationship once & for all.


They didn't live happily ever after.......


It’s all down to......



“I realized by your mood that you done a test on me, & I now realise you done this to see how I would react, & unfortunately, I did react badly, but even more unfortunately for you, I don’t always react like you expect me to!

When you continue to create tests, you must also be prepared to take some of the responsibility yourself, instead of only blaming the other when things go wrong, they don't always go your own way as you expected they would whilst you were conjuring up the conflict you just delivered to me.”

Be careful how you test your partner!

Don’t forget, you’re playing with the most dangerous fuel in the whole wide world. The mind of the human life.

The emotions!

The moods.

People will get hurt. And sadly, all because you failed the test, or you didn't get the reaction you expected, which may have not, been of your doing in the first place, all because of how you responded or how you delivered the test, not only differently to what was expected of you, but you may have responded in such a way, because your reaction have created now, an even bigger emotional conflict that was delivered to you in the first place!

A stand off of attitudes, you now become stuck, because not one of you is prepared to drop the ego that stands in your way towards a blissful relationship!

No one is prepared to make the first move by realising the very reasons you started dating in the very first place!

Now take notice of this &….

Realise this can happen.


Get talking once again. Drop the egos & get it out into the open & realize what just happened &……

Maturely & responsibly!


...YEP, IT TAKES TWO.......


just as It did to make the relationship work in the first place!

Mm! It makes you think doesn't it?

...YEP, IT TAKES TWO.......

Let me know your thoughts on this. Please please please leave your comments in the box below, or if you got just a second to spare, I would really love you to share this article or to vote on the link below.

Thanks for reading & have a good day.

Kind regards Dale Ovenstone Updated January 2012


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you Minnetonka Twin it's always an ongoing aspect which will always take two to make any relationship work, thanks for your comment.

      Regards Dale

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      6 years ago from Minnesota

      I think we have our own Dr. Phil right here on Hubpages. YIPPEE!! Seriously Dale, I really enjoyed this hub. You make some really great points about keeping a relationship interesting and lasting. It sounds simple but it is so much about the communicating which is so a two way street. I also liked how you talked about putting energy into the relationship like you did when you met. I think once the initial romance fades a bit, it's easier to not try as hard as you did at the beginning. Love your writing Dale and I hit every button. Have a great week.

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      7 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you Angela, good to know you can relate to my hub lol. Thanks for your comment. Regards Dale

    • angela kekahu profile image

      angela kekahu 

      7 years ago

      I love this hub, wish I could force men to read it! The truth is a guy who heeds this advice is probably not the one who NEEDS this advice the most. As always great hub.

    • profile image

      donna ovenstone 

      7 years ago

      i think all men shud b shot!!!!!!! not met one worth showing any emotion for yet!!!!! but ye i agree with the previous comment....yor hub made me larf xxxx

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      7 years ago from Wales UK

      Thanks DexisView. Glad you enjoyed it & there is definitely emotions involved I forgot to leave out the meanings & the word 'mood'.

      Thanks got your comment

    • DexisView profile image


      7 years ago from New England

      You just might be onto something with this hub, Inspired! I laughed and agreed with many of your points. Great hub!


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