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Dating and Relationships-Attraction Power-?-for Longer Lasting Love-Use it or Lose Them!

Updated on May 19, 2012

Do THIS, or Lose Your Lover for Good!

Now this is such a powerful piece of relationship information you really should take notice, & I would highly recommend you print this page out & give it to your partner to have the opportunity to REMIND THEM, so encourage them to read it too.

I put this information together because simply, too many couples get comfortable & forget THIS most important aspect & by you reading this article, not only because you’re an inquisitive human being, but show’s your interest, & concerns within your own relationship & that’s got to be a good thing! That means you want to make it work! But it does take two, the both of you.

Too many couples, they take each other for granted you see…& they leave out a very important relationship factor.

In fact, this relationship factor is highly imminent when you both first started dating, it’s very exciting indeed, it makes you feel special, it is 'an interest' BUT, a certain kind of interest, but over time, this excitement factor seems to fade a little, so does this 'interest' more & more each day, until finally, takes a (far less important) back seat, & many folk within their relationship forget the importance of this aspect which s vital to keep that fire burning brightly & passionately.

So, ready to find out what kind of 'interest' I'm talking about? An interest, which is so important, it's the backbone of any sexually related loving that both partners HAS TO SHOW!

Let’s begin.

You don’t need me to tell you, when you first meet your sweetheart, you just can’t leave each other alone….

Can you?

And before we go on any further, if you currently ARE in a relationship, & then you decide to become committed, solely to them, your partner, you are in your relationship for a GOOD reason!

The both of you are!

And that’s just the way it is……

Now really speaking, this should be the end of your love story & you both live happily ever after & more importantly, this is where I should end this article RIGHT NOW, & take my dog for a walk, but I’m not, because I have a point to prove…(& it’s raining anyway!)

But the gist of this article is such a darn massive point which will, once you’re aware of, enhance the longevity & the total satisfaction, bliss & the sincere happiness & excitement, of your time together!

Like you were meant for each other…

You see, by incorporating what I'm about to reveal, makes your partner feel WANTED, in a very special way, in fact, one of the most specially relationship feelings that both of you has to feel for each other!


So if you are really interested in learning more, & you don’t mind my dog waiting a bit longer, do read on.

Human psychology, we can’t help it, we just can’t help the way our mind works sometimes, much of the time it’s not our fault, because we’re all human, albeit human animals!. But there are some instincts which are much stronger than others & which, if our bodily reactions are controlled accordingly, during these heightened emotional states; we have much more to gain in everything we do. Even within our relationship! We’re natural; we’re human nature in its purest form. YOU, ME, the human being!

Our mind creates emotions AUTOMATICALLY, from things happening, & of our points of view around us, from our own personal perspectives & experiences, through our thoughts & EVEN OTHER FOLK CREATES OUR FEELINGS OF EMOTIONS for us, & thus, our brain releases chemicals throughout our body enhancing feelings & sensations which sometime we have no control of! Some of them good, some of them bad!

But most of the time, when we’re awake, outside factors controls our emotions, thus, the way we’re feeling too.

And vitally, as human beings, we have NEEDS, we have motives & we all have certain WANTS’ we wish to have met….

To be fulfilled.


And because, we’re in a relationship right now, we have, or we once had, & we also look for, these needs to be met, STILL, within & from, our very partner; this is why we start a relationship with them in the first place.

They could be bothered. You could be bothered!

This is why we started our relationship, they made us feel good, and we made them feel good. In all kinds of ways! In fact, special is the word I should use because our prime, feel high chemicals, & our feelings of pleasurable emotions of passion flows like a sparkling river of joy & happiness when your with the right person, & this is why we continue our relationship with them, & when these needs are not met anymore, when this river begins to dry up, our relationship becomes a rock hard drought which breaks down & crumbles.

Sad isn’t it? Life’s a bummer sometimes, but we get what we make of it so do take some blame yourself!

But here’s a strange concept, don’t hang up your canoe just yet because I'm going to show you how to bust the dam & get that trickle of water rushing into a raving river once again, but some of the time, once you’re both together for a while, the chemicals released within your brain that controls all your emotions, your feelings for yourself & for your partner, seem to take a turn for the worst. In which I mean, other outside factors & the turmoil’s of life become forefront in your mind & now, outside factors become imminent, & your relationship, & the way you feel for your partner, & vice versa, the way your partner views you, seems to take, second place!

Because ‘the rigors of life,’ that’s what seems more important to you right now!

Does this make sense?

Even though, you both used to be unity together as a couple & you looked at each other for fun, excitement, as well as support.

Ok, I’m going to spell ‘?’ out to you now so no more guessing.

Got your paddle ready?

Get your canoe back off the shelf again because…….


Your partner, no matter what, man or woman, is a….

Wait for it because this is a biggie.


Yes they are!

& so are you too!

You showed them how 'sexy' they are to you!

So don’t ever forget this.

They are a human creature, (as well as you are,) with a Desire, a personal Want, that needs to be met & fulfilled, BY YOU, their Lover!

People want to made to feel sexy, they want YOU to know this too.

This is a very important need, & a vital want, and a strong motivator, kind of SEXUAL, within relationships, that not just your partner requires, but you too!

If you have been going steady for quite a while, but you seem attraction is slipping a bit, or you seem like you are not that much important to them like you used to be, you should now become THE OUTSIDE FACTOR within your relationship…


It should be you; you should create desire for your partner!

By becoming sexy!

In which I mean, outside factors within your relationship have become more imminent & your relationship takes second place…….

Now it’s your turn to bring the spice back within your partner’s lust for you & joy to your relationship…..

You become the outside factor once again!

By, creating SEXUAL desire!

Sexual Attention!

Show them YOU ARE SEXY. Show them DESIRE like you used to……show them you fancy them like mad, they are a sexy beast & start incorporating…DESIRE….for your partner…show them THEY ARE SPECIAL & they are the only one for you…

Really speaking, when you show your partner they are wanted in a sexual, FUN way, when you show them the importance of this, how sexy they are to you, things will become much better for the both of you!

Before some other Slick Rick or Plain Jane comes along & does for your partner what you used to!

(Sorry Slick Rick or Plain Jane! This is just a metaphor.)

Do you like curry?

Sometimes, it’s quite bland, but, by just sprinkling a little more spice into the mix every so often will make it much more exciting to the taste buds.

A relationship committed is a bond of trust & desire between two people, showing each other sexual attention & FUN, is the key to creating desire that stokes a good relationship & MUST BE incorporated from both partners to make it work. And never forget this! Please print this paper out & give it to your lover!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this piece of philosophy & I would really love you to partake in your point of view on this subject by leaving your comment in the box below, heck, I’ll even let my dog wait (only just, a little longer for his walk) so that I can answer your comment.

Thank you once again. Regards Dale Ovenstone


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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 6 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you for your comment ubanichijioke, openness without ego involved is a must too. Regards Dale

    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 6 years ago from Lagos

      Trust, love and care make every relationship unique. Thanks for sharing