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Dating and Technology Mistakes To Avoid

Updated on November 13, 2013

Dating and Technology

Day 1: Goodmorning

Day 2: Hope You Are Having a Good Day

Day 3: Hello Beautiful

(You might initiate a conversation and leave a voice mail message which was not returned.)

The Weekend -No Phone Call or Contact regarding Going Out

Monday Morning: Good Morning, did you have a good weekend?

Next Day: Are you having a good morning?

*You smile and scroll down to his name. Press delete and reply that you want to delete from contacts and sim card. Tricks are for kids.

Text messages during the day are cute but the point is to communicate and engage the person of interest. YOU CAN NOT DATE A PERSON BY TEXT! STOP TRYING!

A few text messages are cool to let someone know you are thinking about them but at some point you need to man up and ask someone out. There needs to be an action following these text messages.

Please be aware that if you think sending these cut messages without calling and carrying on a conversation or suggesting when you two should meet will result in the woman of your dreams dating someone else.


Text message sent at 7pm to the woman you are interested in seeing.

What are you doing tonight? Answer: Not going out with you. Not to play games but people have their own lives so by that time she has already decided to go to dinner, hang out with her friends, go on a date with someone who made preparations for the date or a host of other possibilities.

The one thing she won't be doing is seeing you.

First of all text messaging dates suggestions do not require response. Negative

Second of all.... what is that? All other plans canceled so you might as well call “ol girl” and see what's she's up to tonight. Negative

If you want to be deleted or have no response from the woman you are interested in then keep texting someone. It's silly, childish, and it's not a manly way to approach a woman you are interested in meeting or dating. We want and need to hear your voice. There is no text messaging around this.

If you don't believe the rules then consult:

If you have further questions regarding texting when communicating; check out

When you’ve never heard his voice on the phone

Anyone who’s started a relationship recently knows that this is a very real risk. If you’ve never heard your guy’s voice on the phone and you’ve been together for more than three months, something’s up. Text is great for quick communication, short jokes and flirty little messages, but it doesn’t replace actually talking on the phone. Or worse, seeing each other. So if your guy is limiting all of your communication to text or texting you back when you call him, something toxic could be up.


Men mostly are guilty of sending distasteful pictures. Most women know how to send pictures that are suggestive yet tasteful. Be comfortable with whatever picture you send to others even if it was posted on the internet. Proceed with caution men and women. If you are serious seeking a relationship there is no need to send a visual advertisement of your body parts. That includes sending pictures or having dating profiles with your shirt off or pictures of you in panties. Highly inappropriate if you seek something serious. Imagination is intriguing, trust me. Besides, sending multiple pictures of your flat abs and chest just sends the message that you are totally self-absorbed and are seriously narcissistic and shallow.


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