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Dating at 57

Updated on August 4, 2017

Not Dating at 57

 I opened my eyes, after 21 years of marriage and I do not recognize the world. I remember having a conversation with one of my sons. He was explaining to me that sometimes you may meet someone and see them a few times, and then the man vanishes without a word. My son explained to me not to take it personal. My son admitted, that he was not proud that he also had pulled the vanishing act. I was shocked at this information. I remember  if you did not want to continue seeing a man, or vice versa, you called them up and told them so. I also remember going to nice clubs, seeing someone across the dance floor, your eyes engage, and you dance, and have a nice time. Now, they may slip a rape date drug in your drink. I have seen that happen. I have heard many woman rave about their Internet dating. Years ago my girlfriends posted an ad in a local newspaper for me without my knowledge. I received photos of oily naked men. I will admit I have searched the dating sites, and i can not understand why all the men have no hair and look the same. They look like mug shots. Or they are trying to look sexy, and they look stupid. I have read some profiles and once they write about their sexual desires, that's enough for me to stop reading. They all are athletes, and are all looking for beautiful, skinny, models.   I am very skeptical posting pictures online, I just do not feel comfortable. It is not because my picture is bad, I just feel vulnerable.  I am very independent and speak my mind. I do not like the way I look in pictures, I never thought I photographed well enough. Maybe I am just afraid, to jump in to the new world of dating. I hear the stories about the Craig's list killer, the Match. Com murderer, and who would not worry? I have not dated in 6 years, believe me I make all kinds of excuses. If it is raining it is an excuse. I moved back to civilization, and I received an invitation to a meet your neighbor party. I am going to move out of my comfort zone and go to this party.I was always working before, and used that as the excuse. Time is too short to waste any more time. I will not sign on to the dating sites. I will set goals and complete them. I will not hide any longer with excuses. I use to be happy, and I need to find happiness again. Perhaps my next article will be about who I met. One does never know what is lurking around the next corner.



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