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Successful first Date with the One you Really Like

Updated on December 6, 2015

Become High-Value

Getting a high-quality date mean you should be a high-value person yourself. Otherwise, that date will not come your way. Try a few of these tips to stay in the high-margin:

  • Be Sophisticated
  • Be Real
  • Be Classy and Confident
  • Never Settle

Plugging into the world around you

Starting a conversation with someone new can be difficult. You may sometimes feel uncountable, nervous, and even embarrass from not knowing what to talk about. But not all hope is lost, you can avoid all of those pitfalls before you head out the door for that special night.

You best friend can be social media; it will keep you up to date with all the news, fun, and entertainment around you. Social Media turn helps you prepare yourself to meet someone new. Using what you known in the real world may prove to be a great help. Remember if you go out and enjoy life it will be easy to meet someone to enjoy a nice date. You just need to watch for a few tips and tricks to land you that time you want.

Getting the date you want

If you wish to have a date that you will enjoy it all starts with you getting the date you want in the first place. You should have the confidence to not only spot your date, but you want to take action and ask them out. Your date shows that you are serious about a genuine interest in them and would like to get to known them better.

Eyes contact is always a good tip, when you are talking and when they are talking. This will keep both of you on the subject, and you will get around to asking your date out in less than two minutes. You can spend about five to eight minutes talking to them and setting up a rendezvous for you both to meet up.

Getting comfortable

When you go out on a date, you get to do something that most of us enjoy. You have the chance to be an entertainer in a way; that means you get to be fun. Do not clamp up and try to be someone different, you have an excellent chance to be yourself so take it. Remember this person has no idea who you are, do not be afraid to make little mistakes. Start talking with your date and get them relax so you can know them. You will both have fun with getting to known each other. Tell a few of your stories and ask them about theirs, this will help you get a feel for what type of person they are. Keeping up a conversation is an art form, this will tell you that almost if not all nervousness is out the window.

You and your date

When you sit down with your date take a quick peek at them, notice all you can do about them. This can be a great help in getting a starting point for a conversation.

If you notice a particular brand they are wearing, even a certain hairstyle they have you can use that as a conversation starter. This can help you sound genuine and have a common ground to start on. Make the conversation light and start talking with a smile. Ask a few question to get a feel about what they like and maybe a hobby.

When you find a good subject you both enjoy talking about try giving your point of view. This can be fun, don't be afraid to examine the topic and pick it a little. Keep your conversation short but not too short to get a feel if you are interested in that person.

Choosing The Right Date

How do you go about choosing a date for the night?

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Topics you can talk about

When choosing topics to talk about you can come up with pleasant ones to get to known your date. Talk about more than just one topic finds some things to talk about to get your evening going. Talking about beliefs, hobby, career, sex, and even religion can give you an excellent insight on what type of person you are on a date with. Remember you are just getting to known this individual so keep a look out for any subject that may be making them feel uncomfortable. This will help you keep the conversation fun, and you can have a lead of how to keep it going.

Another great tool is to ask questions if you ask the right ones it will spark their interest. Watch for a 'yes or no' answers, this may be a sign that they are not interested in talking about that subject. Known what your date is interested when they answer with more Virgo and talk a little more on the subject. People do love when you take an interest in them so feel free to ask them about themselves without being too intrusive.

Dating Advice

Successful first date

Remember mutual respect is vital, listen to your partner, understand what interests them. Make an effort to find common ground to build a relationship on. Common ground is another critical factor. You will eventually have to be able to keep a conversation going after your mind leave the fact that you were only looking at your dates body. Get comfortable and relax you will get to the attraction part a little later, your first step is to get to familiar this person. Physical attraction is one part of that person, if you would like to score a second date or build a relationship with them, it will pay to listen to them. This will help you make plans for that second date you score and establish a long connection in the future.

Ideals For your First Dates

Adventurous Ideal
Keep in mind
ethnic cuisine
Not to out off range
Small Venue
Mellow act
What type of music fit her look
The driving range
Playful competition
Nothing serious just have fun
Great outdoors (Hiking)
Physical Activity
Look at her shape and attitude
The theater
Show a classier side
Where you may have encounter

Your Behavior

On your date, it is important how you behave if you would like a second date with that person. If it turns out, you like them the goal is to see them in future dates and hangouts. A few tips on behaving not to offend your date or put them off altogether:

  • Don't Be Clingy
  • Take the time to listen
  • Be yourself
  • Do not make it all about you
  • ask more questions
  • Do not overstep your boundaries

Find the Attraction

The most important thing is that you are on a date with someone you can enjoy your evening with. That means you want to have the date that you wish; that include their looks, attitude, interest, and anything else that may interest you.

Find someone that would enjoy a good evening and is willing to have fun so you won't regret going out. Remember never to try to be someone you are not, it may ruin your date or even worst have someone falling for the person that you are not. Remember this person does not know who you are outside the office or when your personality when you are on a date. Go out with someone you feel that is compatible and have a fun evening.

Ending your date with success

The end of your date is just as important as beginning, always plan for it as well as much as you can. The end of the date comes down with the fundamental principles of respecting the person you are out with. You can start with respecting their boundaries when it comes to intimacy, find a comfortable middle for the both of you. Something simple like a kiss on the cheek may be too much or just right. If the chemistry is right, you can even enjoy a longer, deeper kiss, but remember that everyone have their comfort zone.

Once you get that vibe that the date was a hit, you may want to ask them if they are free next weekend. Plan on a different outing or something a little different you both may want to try. Do not just say 'I will call you,' this is one way to lose your romantic momentum and lose touch with your date. Plan to meet up for a particular place, even a concert that will open next week or an art show. Let your date known that you enjoyed the time you spent together, so they do not have to guess. This will build their confidence in the two of you building a relationship, and maybe you will start dating for the long term.

© 2014 Kerby Mellon


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