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Dating for those over 40

Updated on February 1, 2016

For those in their 40s, it can be difficult finding romance. For many that are in the situation of trying to find it later on in life, it is almost as difficult as trying to find it in their younger years since it is practically a fresh and alien concept all over again.

However, in recent years there has been a surge in the number of people joining online dating websites to try and get around the fear factor of meeting someone new for the first time. This is completely understandable since when you’re actively looking to start something more than a friendly relationship, it does heighten the nerves.

Be aware of the pitfalls

However, as with anything to do with the online world, it’s crucial that there are steps taking to prevent any harm coming to you. Some are pretty self-explanatory, but for those that are new to this way of life it might not be the most obvious to them.

1) Always agree to meet in a safe place. Despite this being glaringly obvious, you’d be surprised by how many people don’t actually do this. It’s not uncommon for two people to initialy meet at the others house which is a massive grey flag. Your safety comes first and foremost in this, and if your date is a sensible one, there’s should be too.

2) Don’t be lured into any online scams. Whilst it’s sad to think that people would actively go out of their way to defraud people online, this happens on a daily basis. This can come in various ways. A common and rather old scamming method is directed primarily at men whereby a fake account is made with an extremely attractive and younger women ‘running’ the profile. Messages will be sent back and forth before eventually the ‘girl’ says she can’t chat on that site any more and has to chat to you on another one. The other site is almost always a phishing site whereby you put in your credit card details and it is billed continuously with you only finding out about it when your monthly statement comes in.

3) Another frequently run scam is one that is targeted to both men and women equally. It basically involves an individual overseas (they may or may not be) and after they’ve built a report with the person they’re talking to, they start to say how bad their life is in a location far away from the person they’re trying to scam. The end goal of this is for the person to send money to the scammer to help get them out of that situation. Of course, the situation is non-existent and the person after sending the money will never hear from the scammer again nor will they see their money again either.

Go down the specialist route

This isn’t to say though that online dating is something which should be shied away from. Each year millions of people meet their perfect match online. However, in light of scams such as this, more specialist websites have taken a share in the market place. One such example of this is a site that would cater to those in a certain age group i.e. those over 40.

In order to be part of this site you need to be at least 40 years old to join (as the name suggests). Since it is a paying site, it is able to verify someone's age when they submit their payment details.

The great thing with sites like this is that they’re specifically tailored to a certain niche to help filter out not only the scammers and spammers, but also the people that aren’t really wanting to date (given the fact that many niche sites are on a pay per use basis, someone that isn’t wanting anything serious isn’t going to sign up for it).

The take home message from this however is to be safe and have fun on this new journey of dating in your 40s. It might be scary at first but the initial shock factor will be well worth the experience in the long term. A great specialised dating site is


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