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Dating online.... Does it work?

Updated on November 28, 2015

Online dating.... Good or bad?

When we start dating, we know that there is a 50/50 chance that you will even hit it off but one never thinks that you will never meet in person. Who the hell thought up this online dating crap?!! I have not had any luck on these websites. Men seem to be the same, no matter where you meet them. I mean when you meet them at a bar/club you see if there is any chemistry from the get go but online it is a toss up. You talk on the phone and the chemistry is there but then it is time to meet. You are expecting everything to go all right. You are nervous and anxious but when it comes time to meet, it doesn’t happen.

Why would someone say they want a relationship and then never meet? I mean, if you are talking to a guy and they know you are a mother of two girls, then why would you have a change of heart and why would you not say something? Instead, it is easier to not meet and never know what could have been.

Is there any way a single mother be able to meet “the one” without him backing out just because you have kids? Men don’t realize that a woman, who is also a mother, is a person that has tons of patience and that they are naturally nurturer. Women that are mothers are great lovers and can be an amazing girlfriend.

So then why do men not want to take women with kids? Maybe they want to me the center of a woman’s world and they don’t want to compete with her children because they know they will never be number one. So does this mean that women who are also mothers are destined to be alone until their kids grow up?


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