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Dating signs and when to notice these Red Flags

Updated on August 13, 2011
  • Sex Please! Yeah right on the first date, before you've met, on the phone, online messaging...Hello this is a huge ass red flag...Cut him the hell loose. I don't care if men are constantly thinking about sex, does this mean they have to treat you like you're as easy as they come! Moving on... is what you need to do...Real Talk
  • A woman knows when a guy is into her. She knows upon meeting a man if he is something special, when a woman can't get that in return its time to move on. If he can't make you feel special, like theres something there, then what's the point? If you aren't feeling him and he's not feeling you or if its only you feeling him, its time to move on. Bottom Line
  • Oooo Wow, so I hate these, the first date being "can i come over" Or "how about you come chill with me" What about an actual date? Hello, I'm not into having guys coming over to my place, and I am not comfortable that on our first date you want me to come over to your place, without even getting to know me. I don't know you, and you don 't know me, which only means one of us has intentions of being more than that of a date, feel me? "Booty Call" if this is the case its time to move on. What you say!
  • Man or woman, if he or she is constantly talking about another female or another male, move on. No one has time to hear about someone else. Our egos are precious and fragile...You're supposed to be talking about me, and only me, duh. Time to move on. Gots to be more careful
  • He got a call in the middle of the night, he gets up and walks out. He gets a call and start giving you the cold shoulder. He gets a call and starts whispering, its time to move on. He is talking to another female and don't want you to listen. He's not even considering you, because he answered the damn call. Hello, need I say more. Wake the hell up!
  • I'm always on top? No uh huh hold up, listen I can hold mines, but damn. When you gonna do something, what about my most desired positions? If you're not considering me, in meaning you're not trying to please me sexually, and you're wanting to be the only one getting the best seat in the house, I'm moving on. SMH


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