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Dating tips for Women : 5 types of men you should never date

Updated on July 29, 2014

Finding a Good Quality Man for Date

When you think all men are nice and being cute to you and are perfect for date. Think again. There are men whom you should never date. There are a whole bunch of breed of undateble men and undateble guys. These types of men that women do not want to date. If you want to know about these types then you are at the right place. There are some qualities that you look in your boyfriend such as loyal, honest, trustworthy, lovable, cute and more importantly have a good nature.

what kind of men you should never date :

There are many men out who have natural charm. Women love the natural charming men and try to flock whenever they get chance.They have some nice qualities as a gentleman. On the other hand, there are some types of men whom a women never want to go with or I can say should not date. These types of men can be a reason for you mood change from positive to negative and can ruin your evening. It is not about mood always but it is about their nature. Angry, childish, possessive, flirt and selfish guys are some examples you want to avoid dating. Hmm, so now you started thinking what are those type. So I have some dating tips for women for men you should never date. Here is the checklist of men you should never date.

Dating Tips for Women to get The Perfect Boyfriend

what kind of man not to date
what kind of man not to date
what kind of man not to date : Angry Boyfriend
what kind of man not to date : Angry Boyfriend

1. Mr. Angry

This type of men can be extra caring, hot looking boyfriend. This type of men can be very volatile too. You will never know what made his mood change and why on the earth he is behaving like this. We all go through mood change and that is perfectly fine.

This type of guys are mostly natural but having more then natural mood change and in very drastic manner. You will be afraid that if your action may make him angry. He will get angry on you for no reason. You will never know what you did wrong. But do not worry, it is not you but him. Unless you do not want to deal with his anger and sudden mood change, he is not the guy you are looking for.

Dating tips for women: Avoid volatile guys.

what kind of man not to date : Childish boyfriend
what kind of man not to date : Childish boyfriend

2.The 'Aww-I'm-just-a-kid' man

You should date a man. This type of guys are not a full grown up man. They are happy in extending their childhood and teenage. You will be surprised to see how much he will be dependent on you. He will want you to select their clothes, choose outfits for occasions, cook for him and many other things that a kid wants from his mom. He will need more attention and some extra care from you. In short you will be his mummy more then his girlfriend.

Dating tips for women : Avoid childish guys unless you do not want to be his mummy.

what kind of man not to date : Too Possessive boyfriend
what kind of man not to date : Too Possessive boyfriend

3.I need you so much guy

This type of guys are just too emotional. Yes, they are even more emotional then you girls. They can easily feel insecure and are more suspicious. They are looking for something safe and reassurance then fun and adventure. They will get emotional for you easily. They can cry easily and you definitely not want to be his shoulder every now and then. This type of guys will want you to stick with himself and will keep checking on you. He will want you to keep updating you for small small things. You will feel bound with someone and not in relationship. It can be make you irritating in nature. He may ask you keep calling him, text her all the time, even when you do not want to.

Dating tips for Women : Ask your man to give some space, Everybody loves their space.

what kind of man not to date : Selfish boyfriend
what kind of man not to date : Selfish boyfriend

4.The "I-me-myself" guy

This type of man will do what he wants only. They will be choosing what you will wear, what perfume you will use and what not. If you go out with him on dinner, he will let you check the menu but will choose what he will like. It is everything about him only. He will be using more I, me and myself. He will be talking about his work, career, life and all but will not ask you how you want it. This is selfishness. You can love him but can not teach him to respect your feeling. He will be too high on himself and will never come down from his egoistic nature.

Dating tips for Women : Selfish guys looks for himself more then you and will make you embarrass.

what kind of man not to date : Flirt boyfriend
what kind of man not to date : Flirt boyfriend

5.The Sleaze Ball

This is a flirt guy. He want to flirt with each and every woman on the earth. He start flirting with waitress, cashier in supermarket and even with your best friend. He will not even look at your presence. This will hurt you. He will not look how you will feel.

He is not going to be serious with you till long time. This man wants just physical relation for short terms. He will be tend to be in relation with you but still keep looking for other girls. This may not turn into a long term relation. So he is not the kind of guy you looking for relationship, unless you want to just play.

Dating tips for women : Sleaze boys guys keep flirting with others and will never be serious for you.

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So these was the list of men you should not date. It will make you feel bad and wasting time in long run. So keep an eye for above mentioned qualities, if you want to avoid them.

I hope my dating tips helps you. As you know what types of guys you should avoid and why, you can keep looking for others. :)

If you had any bad experience of any such kind of guys, please share in the comments so others can learn from your experience.


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      tabby 4 years ago

      Don't get with a man with kids cuz you will never say ne thang right are you will never be number one in his home