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10 Things Women Shouldn't Worry About In Bed

Updated on January 26, 2011

Most of us don’t relish the idea of being nekkid in front of another person. Even fashion models with perfect bodies have “fat days” on occasion. Needless to say, the stress related to natural insecurity can wreak havoc on a woman’s love life. I used to worry about this when I was in my early 20’s. The nagging voices would start as I was getting ready for the date – and they wouldn’t stop until days after the date was done. The buggers were damned creative, too.

It wasn’t until I reached my late 20’s that I realized men really only have one or two things on their mind once you slip between the sheets – and it’s not what you think. You are going to have to trust me when I tell you the primary thought bouncing around in his head is “Yes, I’m getting some tonight!” – followed closely by “I hope she thinks I’m good” You can change the wording if you like, but that’s the gist of it. So, guess what? That means he’s not thinking about all those things you’re stressing over.

  • Does he think my thighs are fat? Girlfriend, he’s not even looking at your thighs. Nor is he inspecting you for cellulite or any other skin blemishes. His eye is on the prize, trust me.

  • Does he think my breasts are too small? Sweetie, he doesn’t have time to think thoughts like this! The girls are magic to most men; all shapes and sizes are sexy to him.

  • Does he like my lingerie? Yes. I don’t even need to know what kind you’re wearing. Most women don’t bother dressing up for their man, so if you’re actually sporting something made for lovin', he’s feeling damned lucky, I promise.

  • Does he think I’m sexy enough? This is a classic. Sister, if he didn’t find you sexy, he wouldn’t be able to deliver the goods. If he’s in bed with you, he thinks you’re plenty sexy!

  • Does he think I’m a good kisser? I dunno about gay men, but the majority of straight men seem fairly unskilled at kissing. Which means he probably doesn’t know the difference between a good kiss and a bad kiss. Besides, if he keeps kissing you, he can’t be unhappy with the results!

  • Does he think I smell bad? No, he doesn’t. Not unless you have an infection that’s causing an unpleasant odor. If you don’t, whatever scent you have was designed to attract him. Stop worrying about this one. The scent of a clean, healthy woman is sexy.

  • Does he think I’m good in bed? If you’re a star in bed, yes, he will be thinking this. If you’re average, or even underaverage, the idea will probably not even occur to him. He’ll be far too wrapped up in that “Yes, I’m getting some tonight!” thought I mentioned earlier. Do not worry about this one!

  • Does he like the way I’ve styled my bikini line? Unless you’re completely overgrown, he is, at the very least, plenty satisfied. Some men prefer different fashions, but nearly all of them will be thrilled just being able to navigate without needing a scythe.

  • Does he like the sound of my voice? I’ll make this simple – if you sound like you like something he’s doing, YES, he will like the sound. A lot. Just make sure it's genuine.

  • Does it bother him that I'd prefer nothing go down the hatch? Unless he’s an insensitive pig, no, it doesn't.


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