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Dealing With Negative People in 3 Steps

Updated on August 9, 2016

Do you have negative people around you? Has it cost you a lot of strength and energy? How do you determine who is negative and how to keep your distance? This article provides three easy steps for dealing with negative people.

Step 1. Determine if someone is negative.

How do you know if someone is negative? That can be determined on the basis of these questions:

- Does he or she has limitations and problems everywhere?

- The fault lies always with others?

- Does he or she has little tendencies to solve it?

Then you have to deal with a negative person. Negative people everywhere have issues and focus on what is wrong.

That which is not good, is never their fault. It is always caused by others. If all is well but would listen!

A good rule to think about is this:

Uneducated people mostly talk about other people.

Average people talk about events.

Educated people talk about ideas.

Negative people see so many problems, but do nothing about it. Complaining is a way not to take action. If you do something about it, then you indeed have no time to complain.

In addition, negative people do not tend to really listen to your opinion - they are too busy with themselves.

So, that's clear! Now you know who is negative.

Of course, anyone out there who had experienced a lot , including you and I.

But it’s the people that daily exhibit this behavior. Which stubbornly cling to negative thinking? How to deal with it now?

Step 2. Try these tricks

There are many ways to respond to negative people. I would like to advance two tricks:

Change the subject.

If the focus is on something negative, Change it - point to another or something positive. For example, ask, "What went well last week? What did you like about it? What do you feel now? Where are you looking forward to? "

Thus, the negative person is forced to shift his or her attention. You cannot complain and at the same time talk about something beautiful. Not at the same time.

Very likely, another fast talking again about something negative will: there you are waiting for. Change simply again the subject.

Hold a mirror.

I can remember vividly was about 12 years ago, with someone in a business conversation. He made the plans and I had to carry them. At any idea that he gave, I replied: "I do not have time for." At one point he said something, "I don’t know Why people are so pessimistic ? You see only limitations, so we never get ahead. "That put me to thinking. For he was right.

I can not promise that the person in your area got to think. If changing the subject or topic does not work, then try the following to say:

- "It strikes me that you are very negative. we will choose a better topic? "

- "I understand that you do not like this….. So what will you do now? "

- "How can you also see the positive side of this?"

You can probably invent a few examples.

People who are stuck in negative thinking, do not understand subtle signals. Ironically, a small stitch or a hint: it's all about them . So do not be too subtle: be specially clear to them.

If the other person responds by asking you a negative answer, then it's time for the third step:

Step 3. Keep it limited.

Interrupt the conversation if you feel rushed. If you find that you yourself is getting bleaker. Then it's time to take away.

Invent any arbitrary excuse to remove yourself from the conversation. You're busy, you should do something else, you have an appointment it does not matter.

This tactic is useful if you've tried the last two tricks and they had no effect. Then you better think about yourself.

It usually does not help to confront the other with his or her negative attitude. You can try it, but do not continue on the conversation.

The bigger picture.

The question is whether you want negative people around you. Sometimes you don’t have that choice , you might have a negative colleague, partner or family member.

In that case, it is more difficult to keep a distance.

Remember that you are always up to have a choice: I want this person in my life or not? You can always take away or goodbye. You should decide that alone. Whatever your relationship with the other.

Negative thinking is contagious: it infects not only you, but also your environment as well.

The difference between 'may' and 'can not' is one word.

But that word does determine the quality of your life.

What is your experience with negative people? Do you find it difficult to cope with it? Do you like to keep it to yourself ?

Give some positive energy back with a comment or a like :)

On your success.

Negative thinking is contagious: it infects not only you, but also your environment as well. True or False?

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