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Having a friend who is Concited

Updated on April 13, 2012

Maybe you have had a friend who it's all about her; She has to be the best at everything and when your out all the guys are looking at her and not you. That could be tough. It could even make you feel insecure and put a strain on your frienship.

Girls like that you have to be careful for. They say what they say because they are jealous and sometimes they could even steal your guy. He could be into you but they will do whatever they can to get him. They will even make you feel that he is not into you.

A friend is supposed to make you happy and not bring you down. Any friend who says "He is looking at me and not you," or cancels plans the last minute because of a bad hair day is not a friend.

If you don't want to totally right this friend off then you can talk to that person now and then. Maybe tone down how much you see this person because it will effect you. In the meantime try to look for friends who make you feel better about yourself and raise you up instead of bring you down.


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