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Decadent Personalised Wedding Invitations For Your Big Day

Updated on July 15, 2011

If you are busy making wedding plans for your upcoming nuptials one of the most enjoyable parts of the entire process just might be picking out the invites for your big day. With so many options to choose from it is easy to see how some brides can become overwhelmed. Currently one of the most popular trends in bridal invites is the trend towards personalised wedding invitations.

Design Your Own Stylish Invites

When it comes to personalised wedding invitations the sky really is the limit. If you can dream it you can have it for your big day. If you want white embossed paper with what appear to be feather edges gracefully adorning your invites you can have it. If you want a jet black paper with gold lettering showing off the initials of the bride and groom you can make that happen. No matter how elaborate or how basic you want it, by personalizing your own invites you can create the design of your dreams.

Technology Has Changed the Industry

Thanks to the advances in both computer graphics and printing technology, the wedding invite industry has completely changed. It used to be that a bride had to choose between light white, creamy white, or ecru when it came to colors. That is now no longer the case. The colors and textures that are available are absolutely incredible. Rich, deep colors are now available in every color of the rainbow. From a smashing hot pink fuchsia all the way to an ocean inspired aqua blue, the colors of today’s invites are absolutely breathtaking. Technology has allowed paper manufacturers to enrich their fibers with tones so luxurious and full bodied that it is almost a shame to cover them up with printing. When you add to the luxurious paper the incredible fonts and graphics that can be created with the aid of today’s computer technology the masterpieces that you can create are simply stunning. Where you used to have to pick out your invites at the local stationary shop, nowadays you can print your own right at home if you so desire. There are also all sorts of print on demand companies where you can create your very own personalised wedding invitations. With so many beautiful options to choose from you can spend months just trying to narrow down your choices to just one.

Another perk that comes with the upswing in beautiful stationary choices is the assortment of envelopes and enclosures that come with them. You can opt for a decadently embossed envelope that shows off the luxuriousness of your paper or you can opt for a more creative option too. The brides of today are enclosing their invites in all sorts of unique enclosures. From a corked message in a bottle for a beach wedding to a lace encrusted invite for a romantic garden spectacle, the choices for envelopes and enclosures are as decadent as the invites themselves. It truly is an absolutely glorious time to be a bride planning her big day.


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