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Decorating Idea For A Christmas Wedding

Updated on March 21, 2011

If you're looking for a decorating idea for a Christmas wedding you are in the right place. Even if you don't find the perfect decorating idea for a Christmas wedding in this article, the internet is the best place to be for free decorating ideas and advice. A Christmas themed wedding is actually quite simple to decorate for if you start thinking in terms of simple decorations. Some of the best Christmas themed decorations are amazingly simple.

One simple decorating idea for a Christmas wedding is to use outdoor inflatables. These inflatables can be quite cute and can decorate fairly small to really large spaces. Smaller two or three foot inflatables can decorate small indoor spaces easily. The small inflatables are usually fairly inexpensive and are instant decoration.

Another beautiful decorating idea for a Christmas wedding is the use of candles. After Christmas you can usually find an abundance of candles that are in great shape but have been marked down considerably. If you plan a year ahead you can shop for some great things such as candy cane candles to decorate altar areas, reception tables, guest book tables, and more. The use of Christmas like candles will bring out the Christmas spirit in just about every guest.

One decorating idea for a Christmas wedding is using Christmas ornaments. Typical Christmas ornaments can be used in a variety of ways. They can easily be coupled with candles, garland, and flowers to decorate just about any surface

Candles and ornaments are good decorative items for centerpieces, garland and ornaments go well on staircases, tables, mantels, and bars, and ornaments and flowers can easily decorate pews and altars. A strategically placed ornament can turn an ordinary wedding decoration into a Christmas themed decoration.

Gift wrapping empty boxes is a great decorating idea for a Christmas wedding. While the boxes are empty, they are beautifully wrapped and can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. Placing an arrangement of presents near the altar, on columns, or at the end of every pew is a great idea. This idea is especially cute for the bride and groom who are trying to get the most bang for their buck as it costs next to nothing! For a wedding like touch you can always wrap the boxes in Christmas wrap and then make bows out of lace ribbon or tulle.

If there is a lot of glass in the area where you will be having your wedding or reception one decorating idea for a Christmas wedding is to have the glass painted with a winter scene or something a Christmas scene. This will add to the Christmas feel, especially if the themed wedding isn't really taking place at Christmas.

Whatever Christmas decorating idea for a Christmas wedding you decide to go with, its sure to be amazing. Just remember that sometimes simple is better, and some of the most beautiful decorations cost little or nothing at all. Careful planning will ensure that you have a nicely decorated wedding with as little stress as possible.


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