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Defenders Of Marriage – You Must Be Really Proud Of The Whole Heidi And Spencer Pratt Thing

Updated on August 4, 2010

I never watched “The Hills” and I never had a desire to watch it. Even when Heidi and Spencer were on every evening entertainment program I resisted them with great pride. I did see them on one episode of, “Help, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” and all that did was make me wonder why anyone would care about them at all in the first place let alone call them celebrities but now that The Hills is off the air apparently their marriage is being cancelled as well. While I don’t care about either one of them (or how many plastic surgery procedures they can have in a day) I do have to say that I love one thing about this whole train wreck. The straightees who keep telling us gays we’ll ruin marriage if we’re allowed to get married have yet another very public failure on their record and I love every minute of it! Defenders of marriage – you must be really proud of the whole Heidi and Spencer Pratt thing – Don’t Get Me Started!

I used to want the defenders of marriage (as between one man and one woman) to use Britney Spears’ ten minute Vegas wedding in their ads but now Speidi is here and they put on a much more compelling argument. Come to think of it, those of us who are fighting to get same-sex marriage approved should start using these bozos on OUR posters! The defenders of marriage always talk about the fact that marriage is designed for procreation. Not only did Speidi NOT procreate, everyone with any sense is delighted that they didn’t. Lest they think we’re choosing the worst possible representatives for straightee marriage as possible, remember there are still people like the slimy Warren Jeffs on the straightee mightier than thou list for them to use. If God hates fags, what must he think of these people mucking up marriage that supposedly He created and wanted us to keep most holy? I can tell you what he thinks, he’s throwing up like there’s no tomorrow (while his son Jesus holds his hair) that the religious for profit have made a killing trying to discriminate against fellow human beings based on their own skewed logic that they attribute to His teachings.

At the end of this month I will have been in a monogamous relationship with another man for twenty-two years. And while I acknowledge that the commitment made between two consenting adults should be designed to suit their own needs and decisions, my relationship echoes one of a more traditional nature. Neither of us has ever been unfaithful nor have we ever been separated, we have built a life together for one another and with one another. So someone please explain to me why the lack of a vagina in our bed makes our relationship less worthy of the rights that two drunken kids in Vegas or a fourteen year old told by an “elder” to marry a forty-six year old automatically get when they say, “I Do?”

Relationships are not an easy thing, whether it be with a spouse, a child or your banker. I’m not looking for some big pat on the back that I’m still with the same man after all these years, I don’t need validation from anyone but what I do need and deserve are the tax breaks and everything else that come with the marriages that are validated by the government. I’ve written about this many times before and I’m convinced the real problem people have is with the word “marriage” itself. If we all agree that marriage is a religious term then it has no place in anything that has to do with our government so make it “civil unions” for everyone when they apply, have them receive a certificate of “civil union” and then if they want to be recognized in their church or their coven, let their religious leaders decide to call it a marriage or something else. As I’ve said before, I don’t need the shoes and rice I need and deserve the rights as a tax paying American citizen. But until that day arrives, go ahead straightees, hang onto your precious “marriage” for you only and the rest of us will continue to sit back and be amused by just how awful of a job you do of marriage. I don’t know that we’ll be any more successful than you straightees at marriage but we should at least get the opportunity to fuck it up as good as you’ve done lo these many centuries! Defenders of marriage – you must be really proud of the whole Heidi and Spencer Pratt thing – Don’t Get Me Started!

August 4, 2010 – Federal Judge expected to rule on Proposition 8. Stay informed at

August 4, 2010 (later) **Updated** Judge overturns California gay marriage ban!! (appeal expected...of course)

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    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 7 years ago

      Don't think so

    • gposchman profile image

      Gene Poschman 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Judge Walker made the right decision in finding Proposition 8 unconstitutional.

      Although proponents claim they will appeal, that is a double edge sword. The argument they already made before Walker has been rejected by the Supreme Court. If they choose to say the voters of California made their decision through the referendum process that too will fail. One, the process does not allow for a constitutional change, and two, propositions in the California referendum process do not go through a test for constitutionality which is the flaw in the California referendum process.


    • FirstStepsFitness profile image

      FirstStepsFitness 7 years ago

      somelikeitscott welcome to HubPages ! Good read ! Have you checked out "opinion ducks" HubPage concerning Prop 8?

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      I agree with you so much. You ARE married. Whether the state recognizes that fact, or not. It does seem a shame and very discriminatory for the state not to give you the same benefits and privileges of a married couple.

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 7 years ago from Las Vegas

      EA - Happy to be "on the page!" ;)

    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 7 years ago

      Good Morning Mr. Love Machine!!

      I have been writing on this subject all morning!! We must be on the same cosmic page!! GREAT Hub!

      Blessings, Earth Angel!!

    • kerryg profile image

      kerryg 7 years ago from USA

      Hear, hear!

      I've never understood the big fuss about "sanctity of marriage," let alone how allowing gays and lesbians to marry could possibly harm it, whatever it is. One of my aunts has been in a happy, committed lesbian relationship for nearly 30 years and it's ridiculous to me that her relationship is somehow considered less real or valuable than my own parents' equally long, happy marriage, let alone her other brothers' short, unhappy marriages that ended in bitter divorce!

    • rgarnett profile image

      Rachael Fields 7 years ago from KC, MO

      Well put Scott! I agree whole heartedly. Its not like the straight couples are doing the marriage thing any favors. Especially with examples like this. In every relationship there is the risk of infidelity and divorce, you're right - I just want the chance to mess it up just as badly as the straight couples have. All relationships are based on the same principles, love being the base. I just don't see how this has anything to do with marriage. Its a piece of paper and that paper wouldn't be such a big deal if it didn't come with all those rights that I don't get without it!