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Depression: Symptoms that set it apart from melancholy

Updated on October 14, 2016

Winter brings cold, rain, but also the need for hugs and cuddling on the couch in front of the fireplace, watching TV or reading a book. Like all the things, there is a darker side here too: If we combine the change of weather and fewer hours of sunshine with the various incidents that may occur in our daily lives, all this leads to depressed mood. Therefore, we might cuddle in front of the fireplace but in the meantime we might feel blue. What happens when melancholy becomes a routine and begins to be a part of our everyday life?

What is depression (by Helen M. Farrel)

The answer lies not only to the duration of the negative emotion (more than 2 weeks) but also to what extent your life is affected by that emotion. Symptoms such as tiredness, change of your everyday habits or lack of appetite may turn a small romantic melancholy to depression. Depression is a multifarious mental disease. Sometimes depression is expressed by anger and that explains why a person may act with belligerence or argumentativeness. this behavior drives the others out and It is difficult to wear someone's shoes when he/she is angry . If a person is in that situation it is crucial to identify similar symptoms such as lack of interest of doing activities he/she once loved to do or lack of concentration.

Depression and eating habits


In addition, a disorder in our eating habits could lead to a disorder in our mind and feelings. As human beings, in times of depression, food is a solace for us. Some people gain weight because they tend to eat more than they used to. It is definitely not the right time to visit a dietician or start a diet, yet it is better to think why the eating habits has changed. Also the reactions tend to be more slowly.

Unfortunately, it is widely considered that depression is a choice of a person who has it. Some people find it difficult to understand how a person can not overcome depression. However, depression is not a choice and of course not even a whim. A person who is dealing with this situation needs emotional help and support than the encouragement to end up with this feeling. If you know a person with depression try to explain that you understand how he/she feels and you are at his/her disposal in case of need. In this way you are showing that you can provide a concrete help and you are willing to assist the person to make a step forward. A person with depression needs mainly the human intervention. Either by words or by simple actions that you will be on his/her side any time.

Major Depressive Incident according to the DSM-V

At least five of the following (of which certainly 1 or 2) for at least two weeks:

  • Depressed mood nearly every day and for the whole day
  • Loss or reduction of pleasure in activities which you liked to do in the past
  • Significant weight gain/loss or increased/decreased appetite
  • Insomnia almost every day
  • Tiredness or loss of energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Weakness of concentration or taking a decision


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