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Destination Wedding Checklist – To make sure you don’t forget anything!

Updated on January 4, 2010

Destination Wedding Planning

From a year before to a month before your wedding

To make your destination wedding easier, and to be sure you don't forget any steps, see the convenient checklist to help you along the way. There are many other items you may wish to add as you see necessary, but here's something to get you started!

12 Months and more

  • Start getting ideas, check out resorts and locations online. Attend bridal fairs, and look at bridal magazines.
  • Set a budget
  • Start on your guest list. Destination Weddings are smaller and more intimate - so don't worry about being sure everyone gets an invite. But be prepared for some people who you invite to be unable to attend.
  • Check marriage laws of the country you intend to get married in
  • Choose the date, and start your Save the Date cards

8-10 Months Prior

  • Start looking for a photographer and any other professionals you need (florist, baker)
  • Put together a website or a information package with all the FAQs for your family and friends
  • Start looking for wedding invitations
  • Determine the legal process for the location in which you intend to get married
  • Decide on your wedding theme
  • Start making reservations & talk to your travel agent. Both Funjet Vacations and Apple Vacations offer great wedding packages. 

6-7 Months Prior

  • Start looking for a wedding dress and the groom attire
  • Shop for wedding rings and jewelry

3-4 Months Prior

  • Mail out your wedding invitations
  • Start planning your wedding ceremony

Destination Weddings offer unique opportunities

In the last month..

1 Month Prior

  • Release any unnecessary rooms
  • Finalize wedding day itinerary
  • Confirm all travel arrangements

2-3 Weeks Prior

  • Re-confirm EVERYTHING

3-4 Days Prior

  • Arrive at destination
  • Test run for your hair and makeup with our veil or hairpiece
  • Finalize all the local requirements to make your ceremony legitimate
  • Meet with the hotel wedding planner
  • Have a welcome dinner with guests
  • Relax and enjoy your vacation!

The Day Of

  • Be sure to eat and keep yourself hydrated
  • Enjoy your special day!!


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