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Details! Details! Details!

Updated on October 22, 2016

Some of the hardest things to do is figure out something down to the last detail. It takes a lot of consideration and planning. Some people may not think to plan down that detailed, or some may not know that it is necessary. Either way, leaving some details open to interpretation can be dangerous and could, in extreme cases, change the dynamic of your event.

This is especially important when you think about hiring vendors for an event. If you do not give specific enough directions, for example, how you want your centerpieces set up, they can be left up to the discretion of the decorator you hired. Your decorator could do it how you want it, or could do it differently than how you saw it in your head. This could be avoided if you tell them exactly what you want. It isn’t fun for them to try and guess how you want it either; they don’t want to disappoint you.

Another detail that is often overlooked and can be very frustrating to guests of your event would be the lack of specificity of a dress code. Do they wear something more casual, such as pants with a nice shirt, or do you want your event more formal, with dresses and collared shirts? This is important details that make sure that guests are as prepared for your event as they can be and you create the atmosphere that you want to achieve.

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7 Details Most Brides Forget About

1. Have a Rain Plan

Although many think about this if they are having an outdoor wedding, none really take action to put it into place should there be a need. Brides may think, well if it rains, then we can just do this, or we can go there, but they don't actually go forward and have a plan of action.

One easy fix for a rain out, and one that you can plan and not have to worry about paying for if you don't use is renting a tent. If you don't end up using it, then you don't have to pick it up, but it is a great back up plan.

2. Knowing When the Sun Will Set

Although this isn't a large issue in the summer, knowing when the sun will set that day can be a huge help. For some knowing when the sun sets can help determine when you need to have pictures done. It can also be helpful if you have an outdoor reception. Knowing when it will get dark can help you determine when you need to start turning on lighting.

3. Getting Your Bridal Party from Point A to B

Some people don't think about getting the bridal party to where they need to go. Some rent limos and/or party buses. Others see that as an expense they can forgo and tell each person where to be. There could be many problems with this though. Some of the wedding party may not know the town and where to go.

Another problem, which is one that I encountered, is the wedding party may not get to where they need to be right away, and this can cause chaos. For example, when I was in a wedding party, some of the party decided instead of going to where they needed to be, they went out for a drink. This made the bride very stressed.

So transporting the wedding party can save a whole lot of stress.

4. Researching the Temperature

If your wedding is outside, knowing what the temperature has been in the past can help you plan for you day. This is mostly used for outdoor weddings, but can be important for indoor as well. Knowing the temperature can help determine if you need a tent or not for shade. It can also determine how many fans you will need.

It can also help determine when and where you will take pictures. Pictures taken when it is too hot can show sweat and be miserable for everyone. Also, when the sun is radiating, it can't be good for pictures either.

5. Lighting for the Band/DJ

Although most DJs come with their own lighting, some don't, and you need to account for that when choosing a venue. Bands usually are the ones that might need lighting done for them. Usually the venue which you choose has lighting, but not always. Just thinking about this and trying to come up with solutions puts you in front of others.

6. Extra Seating for the Ceremony

If you have ever been to a ceremony in which there are too few seats for guests, you know it can be miserable. So when planning your ceremony, make sure that you overestimate for seating. Nothing is worse than to expect guests to stand because you don't have enough seats.

7. Separate Set of Chairs for Ceremony and Reception

When I used to be an intern for a wedding decorating company, there were many weddings in which brides expected us to use the same chairs for the ceremony and the reception. This requires a lot of work for the decorator or the planner.

To avoid this, make sure that you get a separate set for the ceremony and reception. This will save everyone a lot of time and stress.


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