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Diamonds and Bling Wedding - Decor That Sparkles with Excitement

Updated on June 8, 2011
Diamonds are the epitome of glamour
Diamonds are the epitome of glamour

Diamonds and bling - not just for celebrity weddings

With the popularity of Hollywood and celebrity weddings, diamonds and bling weddings are popping up just about everywhere. Though you may want to follow the trend, you will also want to make your own diamonds and bling wedding theme unique. Use glamour as your inspiration and a few of these ideas to make your wedding come alive with sparkle and be truly your own.

Little crystal accent reflect the light
Little crystal accent reflect the light

Make Your Tables Sparkle

The table decorations are very important in a wedding reception. This is where your guests will spend the majority of their time, and therefore where you need to showcase the theme the most. Create grand centerpieces for a diamonds and bling wedding to be the epitome of glamour. Purchase large, narrow vases that can be filled with faux pearls and faux diamonds. Use elegant flowers such as hydrangea, roses, peonies or even orchids. Drape strands of faux pearls in swags over floral bouquets and decorate the base of each centerpiece with rose petals and faux diamonds.

Keep the table linen simple with whites, ivories, silvers and pastels. Have a table runner in an opposing color run across the table to make the centerpieces pop. Tie off table napkins with diamond-shaped napkin rings or strings of pearls. Tie the base of champagne flutes with tulle or ribbons dangling diamonds. Keep the serving utensils and plates simple, but elegant, such as white china with a silver border. Create place cards using black or pastel colored cardstock paper and write guests names in a silver paint pen to make it pop. You can even glue on little rhinestones for even more sparkle


Sophisticated Food and Stunning Cake

Elegant weddings call for sophisticated food. Depending on your wedding budget, you can go grand or you can make it appear grand and still limit the amount spent on food. For the person not looking to spend a lot on catering, try having a cocktail hour for your reception. Serve up elegant appetizers or do a dessert buffet with petit fours, chocolate fountains, and chocolate dipped items. Have the caterer top off petit fours with luster dust and sugar diamonds to make them reflect the light. For the couple that does not care too much about the catering budget, serve a grand meal with champagne, lobster and filet mignon.

The wedding cake needs to carry over a diamonds and bling wedding theme. Though glamour means flashy, it still means elegant. Have your cake decorator create a solid base color cake such as light pink or white and dust it with luster dust to make it sparkle. Top off the cake with a flower bouquet and faux wedding rings popping out of the top. If you are going for a modern cake, tie a large fondant bow to the side of the cake and center it with a shiny broach.

Give the Guests Some Bling Too!

Give away wedding favors as a way to say thank you to your guests, but also as a way to showcase your diamonds and bling wedding theme. Fill mini boxes with diamond-shaped paperweights or an engagement ring keychain. Include fancy truffles and chocolates as a special treat. Top each box with a rhinestone monogram in the groom’s last initial to finish them off.

What Do You Think? Are Bling Weddings Glamorous or Tacky?

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