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Diaries of a Madman - Bad Girls

Updated on July 5, 2011

"girls -girls-girls" - and then, there's "the bad girl".

I used to do Podcasts a few years back and actually had a few followers. These podcasts were about my true life stories, my younger days that seem like only yesterday. Perhaps a few of these stories will open a few parents eyes into the world of their teenagers, who they think are just angels. It certainly opened mine when I was thirty-two.

This new life adventure started out when I went over to make a bank deposit. Steve was the head teller there and he was a married guy, about 30 years old with 3 kids and a real pretty wife. I was 32 at the time. Steve asked me if I wanted to come out with him one night to see what he did for a part time job. I said "well, I don't know. what do you do?" He told me he drove around girls and worked for a guy out in Orleans. The business was called Sunshine Theatrical and I said ---"what's that?"

He told me that they were dancers and that his job was to drive them around to their locations until about 3:00am or so. Then he would go back to his day job at the bank. so I said, "well, that sounds pretty cool. I have nothing better to do so sure, why not!"

Steve became a pretty good friend and his wife Tracy was so nice and very polite. (cue music - play the song "Tracy") . You readers have to remember - this was a Podcast with sound.

Steve was making another $700 a week with this part time job back in 1981. He told me that he was being transferred out to Calgary with his bank job and that Larry was looking for someone to help him at Sunshine. He said, "maybe you can take over the job and make some extra doe",-- and I thought, well $700 a week -- "what do I have to do? "Just drive!", he said. Well that didn't seem too hard a job so out I went on a test run with Banker Steve. That night convinced me that, Boy, this looks like a pretty good line of work for a 32 year old single Stud.

The business was located on the the main Blvd-- St Josephs Blvd in Orleans and all I saw was a gold Cadillac sitting out in front of this shack type looking house. So in we went and up the stairs. Man, Oh Man -- there was stuff playing on the t.v not fit for kids or even some adults. Girls were walking around without a stitch on. These girls ranged from 15 up to into their 30's and there were 17 of them that Larry had working there. These girls worked at night clubs -- strip clubs! They were basically dancers but another word also came to mind.

This was a little different for me because, you know -- being a government man at one point and then jumping into crafts and DJ business -- this was a little different, and for a banker to be doing this? Alright, this is going to be another part of my life I guess that I'm going to take on here -- very exciting. It's a guy's dream. This job was a guy's dream! Cue music to play ( "Dream" by the Everly Brothers ).

So I said to Steve on that initiation night for me -- "O.K. - lets see what you do with this job", and so we went out that night in the car and dropped these girls off one by one. At every stop he made $20 bucks for himself, $20 for the booking agent and $60 for the girl. After we got back, Larry, who was 54, approached me and said that he needed somebody else to work for him and not somebody with long hair and pony tails because the last guy looked like an ex convict and people were afraid to open their doors to him. So here I come with my blond curly hair at the time and young, sporty look. I said, "sure --- I'll take this on" because it was good money and --- Why Not?

Anyway, I got out on the road eventually myself and I was there for about 3 months. It was the best summer job that I ever had. I'm telling you, if you guys want a summer job, you're not going to get anything better than this. I mean, the fringe benefits outweighed anything. I would have done it for just gas money and the experience.

My Mom wasn't too pleased with this operation, but you know -- being on my own and 32 years old -- did I care? Not really. Once she saw the girls that were driving around with me, she even commented on how attractive they were. Like, we're talking Marilyn Monroe - Jane Mansfield look alikes -- not at all the bad girl look. These were really attractive girls.

It was kind of, shall we say to make it proper, a dating service. Yes, that's it -- "dating service." These girls made really good money and I made $700 a week at the time and thought it was great. It was a good part time income for three months until we got stopped one night by the Ottawa Police about 2:00am.

I went into one of these apartment buildings and I didn't see the guys name on the board and so I said to Lynn, one of the married girls that was in the car -- yes -- married. She was in the car and was a dancer making extra money on the side. I said to her that we had better get out of here because I didn't see the guy's name on the board anywhere". As I went to leave the building, an Ottawa Police cruiser screeched up quickly in front of the main door and an unmarked car blocked me in across the street and these two big dudes got out with their suits on and I thought --- "Oh No". Is it a hit or what?

The cop rolled down his window and asked me if everything was all right. I said "Sure -- what's the matter officer?" I was trying be as cool as I possibly could. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I was shaking like a leaf. My body felt like a jack hammer about to grind into the sidewalk. The police officer said that they were just checking things out and then left.

It's not illegal what I was doing -- I don't think. I mean, my job was to go to the door, meet the client and collect $100 and then tell him that the girl was only hear to dance. Whatever else went on inside, I had no knowledge of, supposedly, until the girl finally came out and told me everything. I just told them that Candy or Vanessa was here to dance for them or whatever their names were. They were all fake names anyway and I told the clients that I was just going to wait around for about an hour or so outside and then drive the girl home.

Well, I guess I looked pretty cool to them, not like some gangster type guy going to the door and so everything was fine. Out comes the girl one hour later with an extra 50 to 100 bucks in her pocket and I would get $20.00, no questions asked and off we'd go to the next home. That went on all day and all night. So, this was a job that I enjoyed, something else for the diaries here. The stuff I could tell you -- the stories that went on. Well, O.K.-- here's only one little story.

I'm sitting upstairs having a root beer, a real tough drink for me back then and Larry was having a coffee. The girls were all sitting around watching these "B" movies and some were out on the sun deck wearing nothing at all. Next thing you know, there's a knock on the door and I go downstairs to answer the door. There's three cops outside with their guns drawn and I looked out across the street. About 200 people had gathered, ambulances and five police cars. They were all there. Someone had apparently reported a mass murder had taken place at Sunshine and I said -- "What the hell!"

They ran passed me and upstairs where Larry was calmly sitting. The cop asked Larry if anything was going on because they had received a call about a mass murder here. Larry said to them "Well, look around. Does it look like a mass murder went on here?" It was just drinks and bad t.v. playing. The cops all knew Larry and the girls so everything was fine with them. This whole thing had come about all because one of the girls had asked Larry if I could drive her home. It was quite a long distance away and his answer was a plain "NO". He told her that the driver couldn't take her home because he had to stay here and look after the calls that were coming in. He said the driver would have to leave right away for a call and that he couldn't be stuck somewhere out in the boon docks about 20 miles outside the city all because she wanted a drive home. Larry told her to get on the bus or to call a cab. Well, she got a little upset and probably being on drugs and everything else as most of them were --- she called the cops and that's why they arrived.

Now that was only one little thing that went on at "Sunshine Theatrical" and I thought it was very cool. But I have to tell you -- this was a great summer job, a great learning experience and a real eye opener into what goes on behind the scenes of a so called dating service. I met some pretty nice gals that summer. Some were just young teens still living at home with their folks. One was even a Doctor's daughter and then, -- there was Mandy. Her mother was on the schools P.T.A. --- Cue the Music for the song (Harper Valley P.T.A.)

To Be Continued ...  Part 2  ........ Follow me and receive all the goods in the next true story.


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